This post will change your mind about mental health

I just read a book about schizophrenia. It was written by Nathan Filler, a professional mental health nurse in the UK. This book is amazingly useful for all of us as human beings. To read it was easy, but now, the most difficult part is to write about it. I spent the entire night thinking how to start and what to write. -             Start with the start, Victoria! -             Right! :) Accepted or not, we all have mental inconveniences, from anxiety, depression, delusions, hallucinations, paranoia, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) to schizophrenia and the huge problem is that most of us suffer of anosognosia (where someone is not able to perceive the deteriorating condition of their mental health) too.  Sometimes we grow up knowing that we have a problem, but we are too ashamed to speak loud about it or too afraid to admit you have the problem (because of social pressure).   Nathan Filler agrees that in the UK, every year 300 000 people lose their jobs due t

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Do you remember The Hunger Games series? The truth is that half of the world's wealth is now in hands of 1% of the population . How is this possible? Well, this 1% of the population has the education , the information, the skills and intelligence to use the technology in their favour so they can rule the world.                                                    (from the Biz Magazine Romanian Values Gala in May 2019) Equality nowadays? Well, maybe equal opportunities tendencies . One will be able to develop more than another just because of better opportunities, ambition, set up goals. And we talk here about intelligence , memory and creativity . These people who run the world are extremely creative, never get enough , never consider themselves tired to do more! We talk about emotional intelligence too.                                                                                  (From Innovation Forum, Biz Magazine, May 2019) It'

Film co-productions: do not bring money but glory and fame. A conference about film industry in Europe

‘’All filmmakers shall unite and demand a policy from the European Union where the culture shall be put as a priority in the film industry’’ - Vassilis Kosmopoulos, Director of Greek Film Centre ‘’People want to watch documentaries.’’ - Hanka Kastelikova, HBO Europe VP/Executive Producer, Documentaries ‘’Take time to build the audience for the slow burners movies’’ – Bianca Oana, Producer, Manekino Film  ‘’The festivals are the cheapest tool of promotion’’ – Ada Solomon, producer Hi Film Productions ‘’The blockchain for film will create one central, coherent report of your project. It offers vertical information, transparency, the ease with financial documents’’ – Maria Tanjala, co-founder of Film Chain Due to the courtesy of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, I had the chance to attend the conference ‘’Fostering European cooperation through co-production’’, an event designed to help the film co-production cooperation in the E