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After the first part of the filming

Here I am ....shooting my first feature film! It's like magic..after years of dreaming, planing and struggling to make it happen.  Well, half of our movie is done! (I say 'our' as we are a big, nice, competent, talented  and professional team - so proud of having this opportunity to work with them all.)

 My colleagues came from Bucharest at night and started filming after 7 hours of driving.  I came two days earlier to Iasi and worked all day and all night: I had to prepare the costumes, the catering, the call sheet for the next day so I couldn't sleep either. Of course, it was the first time in my life when I had the chance to meet Ion Caramitru and work with him! Who would sleep in such a situation :)  We all were dead tired since the first day, but we did it!

Not sure how I managed  it - with one day before filming, I had no clue where I would accommodate my crew and actors (searched everywhere but no one wanted to offer a discount or partnership for this film). Fu…