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First time journalist at Balkanik Festival

Being a Romanian, always wondered if I have a balkanik culture or not. 

Photo credit: Adelin San
Well, from Antiquity, the Balkan Mountains had been called by the local Thracian name Haemus. The Greek mythology says that the Thracian king Haemus was turned into a mountain by Zeus as a punishment and the mountain has remained with his name.
There are many other information and legends about Balkans - this region, being a quite vast peninsula (which includs Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania,Greece and the European section of Turkey) is full of beautiful, distinctive cultural grounds. But..
What does it mean to have a Balkanik culture? Well, all these countries placed around the Balkan Mountains with Slavic roots, took a bit from Latin, Greek and Otoman cultural behaviour and apparently, this interesting mixture between these specific traditions and ancestry is called Balkanik culture.
Romanian people do not have this Ba…