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Love is in the rain!

Love it’s in the air! I feel it! I smell it! I take it! I have it!
Never the rain was so beautiful! I am in the balcony watching it! First, some thin big drops are falling down. After, more and more, faster and faster, a lot of drops were falling down. It’s raining with big, warm, fast, cleardrops now! And I want faster and faster! The sound of the rain is so peaceful. Time to time, I hear the thunders and see the lightning. It’s dark and with the lightning the night becomes day! Yesterday was 40 degrees outside. Today everybody opened their windows to let the fresh air come in! I breathe the fresh air, I listen to the magical rain music; I adore the rain in Bucharest, especially in the middle of summer! Nowhere is alike as in here! The rain brings the linden flowers fragrance mixed with wet black dark ground……makes the moment incomparable indeed. I love the rain in Romania! After 40 degrees in June, any rain it is so welcomed and refreshing ! The clouds are green, no su…

PARIS je t'aime!

I always wanted to see Paris! I was waiting years to find the right moment and the best person to share this event with. I was planning everything in my mind many times...I really wanted  to go to visit the capital of France! Well……the visit came as a surprise… in an unexpected time….with the most enjoyable companion ever! It was coming as a joke ….and still can’t believe that I was in  there! (of course that I will come back :P)

Paris was love at  first side…and I will never forget my previous steps in there..and the person that  I enjoyed those moments with. Can I say: “THANK U from the bottom of my heart for all that you did, for all that you are and for all that you will always be inside of my mind and  my soul.  You were the perfect person in the perfect place as I imagined all the time in my deep and hidden  thoughts.

No need to be in a rush when you visit Paris; even ten days are not enough. I would stay one year in there….just to enjoy each moment. I love eating their colorfu…