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Easter time in Luxembourg

Easter time

Another Easter away from my family. Another Easter without our traditional Easter bread, red eggs, pasca, cozonac, sarmale and drob:P Of course you don’t know what these all are, hhaha! Sometime I ask myself if I feel I miss these things….sometime I answer to myself that I can survive without…..
But this traditions are just traditions?
Last year I have cooked a Easter dinner….this year I have not even a kitchen to cook…but I will survive, hahah! We have replaced the traditional Easter dinner inside home with a Mexican dinner out there in the town. I was drinking Sangria (a kind of fruit wine) and I was eaten a lot of unknown and spicy things) .

Yesterday me and the other trainees have planned to go to a Greek church…..we didn’t find it and we have eaten our colored eggs in front of a closed cathedral. We broke the egg one to another, we put a wish and we struggled to ate the whole egg (otherwise the wish wouldn’t come true:P ). After this we have arrived in a pub. Haahahaha…w…

First day at European Commission, the Publications Office - TED

It was so hard to woke up and be present at the Drosbach Building to meet Mrs Jeanne Guth who welcomed all the trainees into the EC world. After I presented all my documents (stuffs like degree transcripts, medical certificate, identity card, contract, end so on), madam Jeanne introduced me with all the information it was planned to be found out about what I will do, who will be my tutor, where to go for my badge, with whom to talk when I will arrive in the building where I will work, what events will be organized for trainers, etc. In the end she wished me a good luck with a warm smile on her face, she recommended if I will enjoy the work in there, to apply for a job at EC and she ended with: “vous etes tres simpatique” which gave me a bit more self confidence.

She explained where to go after and I take the bus (because in the morning I have taken a taxi which asked me to pay 18 euro for 6 minutes travelling), I paid 1,50 euro and I arrived at Jeanne Monet building, at the Security D…