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Berenice Bejo: career, childhood and personal life

During the Cannes Film Festival at Bucharest I had the chance to meet Berenice, a beautiful Argentinian born French actress. I found her smart, sociable and a pleasurable company during the first two days of the festival. She was launching The Search film at the Festival, accompanied by her husband and film director, Michel Hazanavicius.
Cristian Mungiu, Berenice Bejo, Michel Hazanavicius

Born in a filmmaker family (Miguel Bejo), she knew from childhood that she wanted to become an actress. Berenice never had a telly in her childhood home as she would always watch movies with her parents (her mum: Silvia Bejo - lawyer) at cinema. She went to castings since she was 14 years old and she  accepted her roles carefully, dedicating time and effort for each character.

For example, during her collaboration with Asghar Farhadi director ( she interpreted Marie Brisson in The Past movie) she spent 4 hours of rehearsal per day with Asghar, one hour of  sport activities, voice exercises, and anot…

Cannes Film Festival at Bucharest (24-30 October)

I must say that I find myself blessed having this great opportunity to watch the films shown at Cannes Film Festival this year. Cristian Mungiu (the Romanian director who won Palme d'Or at Cannes Film Festival in 2007) came with this amazing idea to bring Cannes Film Festival at Bucharest. And he did it so well all these years as the event is growing year by year.

With Berenice Bejo
The Opening Gala came with a very good, strong and heavy feature directed by Michel Hazanavicius (the director who won Palme d'Or in 2011): The Search.

The action is happening in 1999 during the second War in Chechnya. Four life stories are connected: a 9 years old orphan boy, his sister, a 20 years old Russian soldier and a Human Rights EU representative. Almost as in a documentary, the events are presented accurately, showing the harsh atrocities happened during the Chechnya Second War: the Russian Army and her rough policy, the inhuman killings in Chechnya, the life of the remaining orphans and…

Bratislava – the place where people become more friendly and talkative

Didn’t see too much in Bratislava since I was there during a conference and I spent all day long there. Still, when I have visited the Old Centre, I came to the conclusion that I saw Bratislava once again, back in 2002, during my Christmas journey trip to Vienna.I reckon that it was so cold and grey around there in that time, perhaps that’s why I forgot that I visited it before.The Plummerstatue reminded me of those old memories. He was still in there, on the paved streets, being admired by the visitors. The Old Centre is very crowded during the night. There are many beautiful and cosy pubs, traditional Slovakian restaurants, all night clubs. You can go for a coffee with friends at 5 PM, then stop for dinner at 7 PM and start clubbing from 11 PM, then party until the morning (this means 7 o’clock AM). Of course, if you travelled 15 hours the day before and tomorrow morning you have to give your speech at the conference, you would not be able to party until 7.. but maybe until 4 (sic ).

ANIMEST - The International Animation Film Festival

It’s a real adventure to do an animation film. Usually, for a feature it can take up to 3- 4 years, would you believe? There is a lot of work , patience and ambition involved when working to produce an animation film. The art of producing animations is definitely a specific, distinct cinematographic universe. There are not too many schools/universities to prepare directors in this specific field, just few in the entire world. For many people, animation procedures remain still a mystery. As far as I understood, there are three types of doing animation:
1.  Using Drawings (the best are the Japanese animations as The wind rises or Blood -C: The last dark
these movies have a perfection in drawing, imitating so well the real nature of the things, amazing work!)
2. Using poppets (the best I could ever see it's Strings (directed by  ) 3. Using 3-D technologies
4. There are some more ways to do animation,as this genre is a cinematographic experience and when producing a f…

Dracula Film Festival - horror in the real sese

It’s always good when art  work addresses to specific targets of people. It’s always good when art separates in niches. This strategy will always guarantee the success.Furniture magazines, or even more -  the kitchen furniture magazines, wine publications, healthy food websites, nude photography blogs and the list can go on.Producing goods or values for specific categoriesofpeoplework out so well lately. The same thing is happening in cinematography. We have features and shorts, animation and musicals, coloured and black&white footage, psychological, history, fiction, documentary movies.
Dracula Film Festival it’s a festival that promotes horror and fantasy films.This year, between 1-5th of October, in Brasov, Romania, was organized the second edition.There are three film sectionspresented, and a bonus during the festival : features films, shorts (Romanian and International) and RetroVISION ( old, famous films). In competition  the first two sections only will be considered. At the…