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Life and love

Today I will write about life J
Why don’t you want to keep it simple? Missing someone? – CALL. Want to meet up? -INVITE. Want to be understood?- EXPLAIN. Have a question? – ASK. Don’t like something?- SAYIT. Like something? – STATE IT. Want something?- ASK FOR IT. Love someone?-TELL THEM.

I just follow these simple rules , plus :
    ‘keep it calm and  always love’,    ‘sharing is caring'
 ‘giving is the best communication’ , 'live and  let live' ‘smile and the world will be yours’, ‘ be free:do whatever you wanna do, as long as you avoid hurting people around you’.
Life is beautiful. You can see this on my face when I am smiling. And I am smiling because I keep you close. I keep people I like close to me, people who feel the same as I feel. It’s like a mutual attraction, hehehheJ
We always attract what we need:a smart brain, a good friend, a sexy body, a funny person, a story teller, a calm personality, a strong character, a powerful presence, etc., etc., etc.
You are special. But let me te…