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I was there for the second time in a train station in Brussels. It is s station like a huge shopping center - specifically international railway station. Outside it was raining and the cold wind entered in my bones already . I don't want to go out for the town tour with my trainees form Luxembourg. But when you're in a group, you need to respect the group's rules, isn't it? And it is still raining outside. And I did not have any umbrella. So I 'sheltered' next to someone with the umbrella.
The first feeling I had was the 'I would not want to live here, but I'd like to revisit it and go for shopping' - that because prices are much lower than in Luxembourg. And yes, I got my leather gloves - two pairs from the centre of the city. I didn't bought chocolate though.... So I told to myself: 'don't worry, you will buy next time" .... For me 27 euro for a chocolate box it was a little bit too expensive, hahhaaha! When I'll be rich I can …

A Belgian village

Ourthe 90This village is situated at the Belgian border with Luxembourg. Itis a small place, with big houses and an amazing view: green fields, blue sky and in the middle old thick trees.More then half of the villagers live in renting accommodation and also most of them work without contract or do not work. The salary are quite small – a 15 years experienced teacher earns 1200 euro monthly. That’s why they are a bit jealous on people from the village who work at the EU organization and earn more than 2500 euro per month. For the EU employees is more convenient to rent a house (with at least 3, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, etc.) in Ourthe , which is no more than 500 euro per month, and travel every day to Luxembourg where they work. Of course, to live in Luxembourg and rent a house, this will cost more than 1800 euro monthly.In Ourthe itis silence most of the time, you can listen to the rain more often than to the people voicesJ And because I have talked about the rain, let’s talk…

Allors, Merci beacoup pour votre generosite

Chèr Monsieur,

Comme stagiaire à la Commission européenne, je m'occupe de l'organisation d'une fête, appellée "Latin Party", qui aura lieu le 18/06.
Dans le cadre de cette fête, je voudrais organiser aussi une tombola pour les participants. Toute aide de votre part, en produits ou services sera appréciée, en me chargeant de promouvoir votre compagnie à cet evenement et sur le site web:
Tout le profit est pour moi pour aller dans une excursion.

N'hésitez pas de me contacter au numéro de téléphone: ........... et/ou à l'adresse de e-mail: .....

Merci d'avance.

Bien à vous,

Victoria Baltag

Three beautiful towns in Luxembourg

Vianden, Remich, Luxembourg

Last week I had a walk through these three so beautiful towns in Luxembourg. Shall I begin with the Capital? Yes of courseJ
Well, the capital of the Grand Duch de Luxembourg – Luxembourg- is an amazing town indeed. To describe it is so so difficult, even the pictures are less beautiful than the reality. You need to come in here and see with your own eyes, trust me! I will show you some pictures from the Grund..but there are a lot of another cute places in Luxembourg. If you come, please don’t miss: The bridge (Viaduct), the Casemantes, the Fortress, the city's Old Town, The Grand Ducal Palace, etc.

Don't forget to try those amazing cookies from Oberweis( and those amazing chocolate from Schumacher ( ).

I love this town and I would love to build a family in here. In my opinion it is the perfect town for a family: parks, grass and trees everywhere, at school children learn 5 languages (because three langua…