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Cannes Festival comes to Bucharest

Cannes Film Festival comes to Bucharest each year between 25-31 of October. This year it's the fourth edition and the big challenge will be the presence of Abdellatif Kechiche with his 'Adele' -  movie that won Palme d'Or award  at Cannes Film Festival this year. Abdellatif Kechiche, me and Cosmin, my friend 'Adele' tells the life story of a young woman who experience her path to maturity. In the film she  finds her inner self and tries to accept what's happening in her life : the  physical attraction that she feels for her high school classmate, the indifference that she feels for her boyfriend and the love she feels for another woman, a successful-to-be  painter.  Abdellatif Kechiche puts an accent on the erotic part of Adele's life and on the psychological angle as well. At the Festival there have been presented the first two parts, but the director raised up a possibility of producing another two parts, continuing Adele's life.

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