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2016 review

Photo credit: Olivier Bac

Life is beautiful.
Life is beautiful when we make it beautiful. Beauty comes from inside to outside. A person with a beautiful soul will always have a beautiful body.
Eyes never lie. If you look into my eyes, you can read lots of things; you can see beauty, genuineness, honesty, sharpness, happiness, love. What you see it's so true - I give and receive lots of love every day. Sometimes it is so much that overwhelms me and not sure how to react. Actually, this is what happened this year - a year of hope, love, hate, softness and happiness: 2016 was far too difficult for me, can't wait to see this year as past.

1. My 1st feature film 
After the post-production I sent it to festivals craving for recognition; ended up with failure after failure. I must admit that in my life there were very few professional failures, and it was so difficult for me to take it this year. It was a hard work to admit it, to accept it, to analyze it a…