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London Tower and the cruise on Thames

This Tower was more a prison than a place for King. A lot of prisoners had been kept there. Some of them died in painfull tortures, some of them had a lot of freedom, even they were in prison. It is a cold and empty building, no furniture, no beautiful things inside. But, if you are interesed in Royal Crowns, you can find there one of the most famous collection in the world! Also, there is an exhibition with fight armour, horses and guns. Nice to see these things, but more than two hours there will be boring:)

So, you can go for lunch after. There are a lot of places for eating, very cheap and very fast:) With 12 pounds two persons can eat:)

And finally, the cruise on Thames! Yessss! The most important buildings in London can be watched there! Relaxing ...only for 10 pounds! :)

more pictures, can be found here


‘Roma people are condemned to vagrancy’ (Turine, 2004). We are now talking Roma who come from Eastern Europe, especially Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria, to go to Western Europe. They have got the feeling of an economic El-Dorado in the West, or a better life, in the sense of freedom and integration, according to Ron Stauber in ‘The Roma: a minority in Europe’ (2007). Therefore, they are the biggest minority trans-national in Europe (, 2010). They faced problems of integration in Western Europe, and problems of segregation in Eastern Europe. In Europe, there are 12 million of Roma; 5 million of them are travelling across borders (Henriette Asseo, 2010) as they are considered as stateless people.
Some of them continue to live their nomad life, but many of them have adopted a sedentary system because of economic reasons. Moreover, in Eastern Europe, they often live in marginal communities with high level of unemployment. In 2008, the Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs d…

Bath Spa

So small and so cute! This town amazed me with his original architecture, old buildings, romantic river,Roman Spa,Abbey Cathedral, african food, peaceful cemeteryes, nice birds, interesting instruments players, nice and smiling people.And..surprise!!! in The Abbey Cathedral I found some traditional Romanian Easter Egs! hhahaa

I love this town and I can't wait to see it again!

For the first time in my life I visited a British Cemetery..I saw there a very little bird.....little and so loveable!

Where is bath Spa? Near to Bristol. From Birmingham to there it takes 2 hours, 36 pounds with student realcard:) You can find more information about this town here

For more pictures, press my romanian blog

Warwick Castle

It is the first castle I have seen in my life in United Kingdom, but amazing!!!!!!!!!!
I recomend to anyone to visit it! With 19 pounds you can easily visit the all castle, but for this you need at least three-four hours! To be honest, for me it took longer: two days, hhaha! I loved so much this place and I came two times!

In the castle, you can be shooked seeing some torture things for that medieval perioud! I found that it was no low there for protect the prisoniers, so, they could do everything they want!!!!!!!!!!!!!Aufull!!!

In the Great Hall you can see where the Quin Budoir is, or where the King had the parties or dinners. The atmospheare is like in medieval perioud: music, actors dressed in medieval out fit, wax people with medieval figure, amazing paintings, guns and war aromour, etc.

Outside, a beautiful garden, ancient trees (very big and a lot of different species) and cute peacocks!

If you come with your child, you can have a special programm for him as well.

Don't forget …