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The Romanian Athenaeum - one of the most beautiful art-building situated in South - Eastern Europe

I love this place, the Romanian Athenaeum! It is situated in the centre of Bucharest, on Calea Victoriei (one of the most important highways of the Romanian Capital),  more precisely, in the George Enescu's Square. I go often here as the building hosts the 'George Enescu' Philharmonic and I am addicted to this heavenly music as the symphony is.

Imagine that I  have listened to Symphony no. 6 in B minor, ob. 74, 'Pathetique' by Tchaikovski, last Friday, in the best acoustic building from S-E of Europe! The concert was marvellous!

When I listen to a symphony, my mind is flying. I can think about the past, I can plan the future, I can recall old memories - beautiful moments from my life, I can create, I can relax and calm down, I can be totally me. I simply can not imagine my life without this kind of music. It is part of my soul.

And what can be more beautiful to listen to the symphony (can be Haydn, Rachmaninov, Verdi, Brahms, Chopin, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Enesc…