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Aveiro, Portugal

Me in March 2016 :)

I always wanted to visit Portugal. Had two Erasmus Plus projects  there in 2015, but couldn't take part at none of them since I was in the middle of my first feature film shootings.  Finally, the opportunity aroused in March last year (2016) due to an APV meeting in Aveiro.

Some green area in Aveiro :P
                                                              Portuguese pavement

Spent there only couple of days and so, couldn't see too much, but enough to fall in love with the place and want to come back again.

Aveiro is famous for its dynamic and innovative university (University of Aveiro) which situates top 401 the best universities in the World in 2016-2017.  As the education is developed at a high level, the life quality is good too and the rate of unemployment very low (about 5% ). In terms of economy, the city is known for the salt commerce, tourism, recycling and sustainability (they…

Palermo - The Yellow City

The theatre in Palermo
In the city of Palermo
Yellow light in Palermo

The 'Yellow City' by Fabrizio Felmi Cacciatore

Shall I start saying that I love this city? Yeah, it is a good start for my blog, I think :P

I am visiting the 'yellow city' for the first time, due to an APV Erasmus Plus meeting. Two days of work and visit suited my mind well as I am now dead tired and still full of joy :)

Maghweb NGO  APV Erasmus Plus meeting (most of the following pictures are from my APV colleagues: Diana Gonsalves, Fabrizio Felmi and a beautiful lady from the middle of this picture) 

The Cathedral of Palermo
Fountains backwards

What fascinated me the most was the impressive architecture with Phoenician, Byzantine, Norman and Arabic influences. Palermo has Roman fountains (which I found so peaceful and relaxing), museums, theatres, an impressive cathedral, the Four Canti walls, the gates of the city (one is Porta Felicia - The Gate of Happiness); there is a free masonic castle there on…