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Pamplona - the place of the best pinchos

Me at Univeristy of Navarra
I had the opportunity to visit Pamplona during a conference organised by Discourse Analyses,  in March, 2016. Was for the first time in Spain,  and took any chance to see and experience as much as I could.


The name of Pamplona comes from the Roman General Pompey, which camped in Navarra in the winter of 75-74 BC, when fought against Sertorius (the latter has a fascinated life and he was compared with 'Hannibal' for his courage; he was assassinated though, by means of tracery exactly when he was about to establish an independent Roman republic in Hispania  - the modern Spain).

As I read about it, this land was the centre of numerous military campaigns between V to VIII century,  and even before and after: the  Roman sovereignty, the Germanic invasion, the Visigoth domination, the Franks raid, the Umayyad invasion, the Basques, the Berbers, the Vikings, the Andalusians - all of them left influenc…

Carcasonne and Limoux, France


            The Fortress of  Carcassonne

There are only 50 euros returning flight ticket from London to Carcassonne. Worth visiting it, not only for the cheap flight price but for its culture, cuisine and sports.

The place is known since neolithic era (between 10 200 - 2000 BC) especially because of its good place between Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. The first information of settlement in this area has been dated to around 3500 BC though.
 The city was under Celtic, Roman and French occupation and the original spoken language here is Occitan - similar to Catalan dialect. As I listened to it, it sounds like something between French and Italian, with few German influences as well.

In front of the  Hôtel de la Cité Carcassonne

The city is famous especially for the Cité de Carcassonne, a medieval fortress which was greatly restored in 1853 and became one of the UNESCOWorld Heritage Sites in 1997. The forthress look amazing, there are good restaurants, shops, there is a hote…

My fist visit to Ankara

This is the smile when thinking about the memories happened two years ago, memories that  I want to put down on my blog

It is already known that Turkey is one of my favourite countries. I love Istanbul - each year I take some days off to go there and relax. Feel so free there each time when I go. Besides, I am craving after their food, I like  the people (so polite and hospitable), the shops, the hamam and many, many more.

I have received a heart during this project, yeyyy :)
In Turkey I have visited nice regions about which I have written on my blog already: Antalya, Van, Hakkari. Today will share with you my thoughts about Ankara, a city of growth. The opportunity came from Magna Carta organisation in Turkey, through their Erasmus Plus project in which I was a partner. In march 2015 I came with my Romanian crew to take part of the project during one week.

Erasmus Plus Presentation - In green is Laura, my dearest friend and one of the Romanian participants
     Erasmus Plus presenta…

Iran, Tehran - a place with lovely people 2

But let us come back to Iran. If you want to visit it, you better have no stamp-visit from Israel in your passport. Then, if you want a visa travel, then you have to have the hotel booking confirmation or a friend in Iran who can guarantee for you. After you collect your luggage, there is a place in the airport where you wait for the visa. They will ask you for the hotel confirmation or to name a person in Iran who can guarantee for you. I gave my friend's phone number and everything was ok. This takes up to 3 hours, depends on the queue and time. For me, it was from 1 AM to 3 AM.

Iran is the land of good food. They do the best 'sandwiches' in the world. In restaurants, you have to sit comfortable on the floor (of course there are nice pillows attached), eating with hands (which I love it) and drink doogh (a sort of yoghourt, mint or cucumber, water).  The food is exceptional. I tried everything as much as I could. They eat halal meat, smoke shisha (waterpipe) and do not dr…