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Cannes Festival comes to Bucharest

Cannes Film Festival comes to Bucharest each year between 25-31 of October. This year it's the fourth edition and the big challenge will be the presence of Abdellatif Kechiche with his 'Adele' -  movie that won Palme d'Or award  at Cannes Film Festival this year. Abdellatif Kechiche, me and Cosmin, my friend 'Adele' tells the life story of a young woman who experience her path to maturity. In the film she  finds her inner self and tries to accept what's happening in her life : the  physical attraction that she feels for her high school classmate, the indifference that she feels for her boyfriend and the love she feels for another woman, a successful-to-be  painter.  Abdellatif Kechiche puts an accent on the erotic part of Adele's life and on the psychological angle as well. At the Festival there have been presented the first two parts, but the director raised up a possibility of producing another two parts, continuing Adele's life.

In regards of th…

Life and love

Today I will write about life J
Why don’t you want to keep it simple? Missing someone? – CALL. Want to meet up? -INVITE. Want to be understood?- EXPLAIN. Have a question? – ASK. Don’t like something?- SAYIT. Like something? – STATE IT. Want something?- ASK FOR IT. Love someone?-TELL THEM.

I just follow these simple rules , plus :
    ‘keep it calm and  always love’,    ‘sharing is caring'
 ‘giving is the best communication’ , 'live and  let live' ‘smile and the world will be yours’, ‘ be free:do whatever you wanna do, as long as you avoid hurting people around you’.
Life is beautiful. You can see this on my face when I am smiling. And I am smiling because I keep you close. I keep people I like close to me, people who feel the same as I feel. It’s like a mutual attraction, hehehheJ
We always attract what we need:a smart brain, a good friend, a sexy body, a funny person, a story teller, a calm personality, a strong character, a powerful presence, etc., etc., etc.
You are special. But let me te…

Paying back with love

- Are you OK Victoria?

Yes, I am pretty much ok. Just I  am feeling now  so good being alone: me and myself :)
Today I will stay in. I just woke up with a big smile on my face. Outside it  is so sunny, warm and fresh. But I will stay in as I will take all the sun, warmth and freshness inside  of my soul!

I am so happy, calm and peaceful.

I ate a tasty cheese cake, miammyy :) After this I watched  the  'US and UK got talent' broadcast. These people are simply genius! How many unbelievable things can they do indeed! And how amazing can they sing, dance, entertain!!

- I want to be someone! a girl from the broadcast said.
'I want people to know and love me. I want to do something in this World!' (And in my silent mind I agreed: I want this too....).

Some people fight so much to achieve their goals! Some other  just let themselves driven by wind....Many of them succeed in their life, many fail as well....I do not believe in destiny;