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About academic conferences, debates and presentations

As an academic or even passionate about science, it’s always good and a great added value to participate in the international conferences, scientific debates or presentations. First, you listen to new papers that maybe cannot be found elsewhere, then you can expand your academic network and, not least, you can practice your presentation skills (in case that you are a speaker). Per total, it’s always a great experience to participate to these types of events.
But what if the international conferences, scientific debates and presentations become boring, awkward, stressful and time consuming? How many times have you found a presentation boring? -Not because of its topic, but because of the way that the speaker chooses to present his paper- . How many times you expected that someone would ask a question, but in fact, the person gives a real speech making you confused about what the question is or what comment is that the person wants to make.How many times you listened to a presentation an…

Belgrade - Let's party on a boat!

When I think about Serbia, some war stories come to my mind. This country was under Turkish occupation for around 500 years. The Independence Day was a big celebration and all Serbians talk with proudness about the warriors who fought hard to get the country back.

Not too many know words about the monarchy decade, who was who and who did what, maybe because theSerbian history is started from  its independence war  1835–1867.

I spent 5 days in and around Belgrade, a very picturesque city.In the centre there is the Moscow Hotel, an architectural beauty dated from 1908.   Opposite to the hotel, in a kind of communist building, at the top flour,there is a luxurious  restaurant called Caruso.  I could see a good part of the city from that height and the view is amazing! The food is also good and you can eat nicely with 60-70 euro per person (with wine and a tasty dessert included J).

But let’s talk about the Serbian food. Even though I wanted to keep myself in shape - as I have a wedding to…