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I am wondering how come everything is happening or is not happening .... It's about fate or it's about our desire?
When I was going in Dublin for the first time, I was looking out of the window the entire jurney. For the first time maybe I was so careful with what I see from the plane. "But only clouds!!??!!" you would say. Yes, it's true. Clouds. Amazing clouds.
I first time compared them with the desert sand....then with the wool, a lot of white and grey wool, soft and fluffy:P
I was thinking how people feel when they falling down from the plaine. How feel when they know they have a parachute and falling down; how they feel when is no parachute and they will die. Can you touch the clouds? How many minutes can you realise you are falling down until you will have a heart attack? And I was thinking of death...
From Birmingham to Dublin....all the time looking out of the window...taking pictures....thinking... "- Are you for the first time by plaine, dont't …