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Shakespeare town

When I was for the first time in Stratford Upon Avon, I had a strange feeling. First, I was expecting to see an impressive town, even small. Actually, Stratford Upon Avon it was a perfect place to begin a family bussiness. People used to sell there a lot of things, like cookies, alcoholic drinks, hand made cloths, furniture, spoons, forks and knifs ( first from wood and then from metal), etc. If you want to see more pictures from Stratford Upon Avon, please press here
Shakespeare family has a business too - they used to sell leather hand made gloves. In that perioud of time (the XVI century) to wear gloves it was a must have. So, the price increased more and more. Otherwise, the gloves making was a very harsh job and the child William tried to escape every time from this work.
The most amazing thing for me was the way they used to sleep there. To have a bed it was a real luxury. Only the mother and the father had the right to sleep in a bed . This was because it cost like a half price …