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Birthday party!

Well....thank you so much for all of you that came to my birthday party! I was so happy sharring with you that day and i hope that you enjoyed my traditional Romanian food Also, I want to say thank you for all my friends that send me nice wishes! I love you! It is so good to feel that my friends didn't forget me in this special moment! So...let's see the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, there are people from everywhere! (I, Ami and Iulia from Romania, Naomi and Alex from Vietnam, Ali and Kian from Iran, Hendrik from Germany, Laura and Stuart from U.K., Cristian from Chile, Pawel from Poland:)

I love all your presents, as well! It is so nice to open small coloured boxes!:0 Flowers, chocolate, toys and beautiful words....these are the best presents ! hihi

Miss so much Romania

Well.....I was last days to Romania for my dissertation! Now I have a master in International Management and Marketing....wauuu! Good mark, good memories! i do not have any occasion to go again in Bucharest! I will stay here, finishing my MA in Film, Hystory and Television...!

After this.....I take my PhD, a traineeship as well.....but I intend to do in the same time something painting, dancing, fashion creating, etc.

So, in Bucharest was amazing. I met with my classmates from high school, with my undergraduate classmates, with my master classmates as well! I was to skating (I love skating!!!!!!!!!!), walking in park with Teo....(so nice and romantic):)..than met with Toma (a very clever boy - he knows Japonese, he spiks English like a native Englishman, now he is studying Russian language..wau....and he likes politics, hihi)