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How can you donate for the film 'Herman; the man behind the terror'

People complained they find it  difficult to  get information about how to donate for my film.

Here we have our fundraising campaign  (please hurry, we film soon).

Our  film website  here

I have been thinking how to make this more visible and also took the point of publishing the banking details on my blog.

First, there is a campaign opened on IndiegoGo  , you can access the website and pay via Pay Pal or directly with your debit or credit card. On the IndiegoGo  website there are details about the film, the team involved in this project, the amount we need and the plan that we have to fulfill our goal.

If you want to send your donation straight to our bank account, there are three available accounts  as well. For you, to benefit from the fiscal subvention and to be able to deduce your income tax from the donation, we made a partnership with  Connections Association - an NPO that supports youth initiatives in the area of education, culture, art and sport ( Whe…