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Paying back with love

- Are you OK Victoria?

Yes, I am pretty much ok. Just I  am feeling now  so good being alone: me and myself :)
Today I will stay in. I just woke up with a big smile on my face. Outside it  is so sunny, warm and fresh. But I will stay in as I will take all the sun, warmth and freshness inside  of my soul!

I am so happy, calm and peaceful.

I ate a tasty cheese cake, miammyy :) After this I watched  the  'US and UK got talent' broadcast. These people are simply genius! How many unbelievable things can they do indeed! And how amazing can they sing, dance, entertain!!

- I want to be someone! a girl from the broadcast said.
'I want people to know and love me. I want to do something in this World!' (And in my silent mind I agreed: I want this too....).

Some people fight so much to achieve their goals! Some other  just let themselves driven by wind....Many of them succeed in their life, many fail as well....I do not believe in destiny;