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The most beautiful restaurants in Birmingham

Today I will tell you about some nice places to eat in Birmingham.

First.....let's see the Chinese food. You can find it in the Chinese Area (near to City Center) or in Five Ways.
Eat as much as you can and pay maybe 12 -20 pounds per person. There I saw for the first time how can I boil my own food in a bowl just in front of me. Or how can I fry my meet on my own grill.
Second, I will show you one of the most beautiful Indian Restaurants. It is called Akhbar (the website can be found here). The architecture, the beauty on the walls, even though the waiters wo are so friendly (who can also sing a beautiful song for you)...everything made me think I should come there for the next time! And the third, but not the last restaurant is called Shiraz (the adress can be found here ). It is an amazing Iranian restaurant, so small and so cute, like a treasure! There I have found the most beautiful thea cups, amazing paintings, natural flowers on the table (in the day I was there they had h…


I believe that everything it's energy. I believe we can attract the energy we need, even that energy is a flower, a sunny day, a smile...
I believe I attract happiness, joy and peace. And where is happiness, joy and peace there everyone wants to be part of.
Life is full of surprises... ...sometimes you have to many choices and you don't know which one is better for you. Life is full of opportunities. Just you need to find out when to act and take exactly what you want.

Life is beauty. People who know to live are beautiful. You can see this on their face, on their smile or in their shiny eyes. People who know to share happiness. PEOPLE WHO LIVE FOR PEOPLE, not only for themselves.
This is the secret of life.

Today I am so happy. (Even this annoying flu, cold or what ever doesn't want to go away from me, hah). I am happy to find a beautiful soul. A soul who knows to live. I am happy to find you.

I hope God will protect all your life and help you to fulfill all your dreams!

loving cooking

nice dish :P

Stuffed peppers and cream

Cherry cake
Stuffed peppers

Sometimes when I am sad I used to eat sweets. But sweets are not so healthy, so let's eat a proper food:P

Loving you

I wish I love you.....I wish I love you so so much....
But I can't. I can't let myself to love you. I can't because you don't allow me to dream. You don't allow me to follow my dreams. I can't love you because you have destroyed all my dreams I had.

Anyway I miss you.

Maybe I should't miss you....It's like a torture.
I do not know how the future will be. ... I can't say even it's good what I have decided........ maybe I will regret all my life...maybe not. May be you will regret...who knows...??? Maybe I will change my mind...maybe you will... MAY BE will change. You will....maybe not..
I want my dreams back. I want my life back. Can I have everything back to me please?
Of course I can!
But...I can't forget the words..." I don't want to sacrifice...I can't afford....I think you should return in your country....I don't know how will you face the PhD with this low should get a job".....…

Charity Salsa Ball - the beauty of the dance

One of the most important event organized by Dance Club Latino (University of Birmingham) in association with Latin Motion
The whole event was definitely a success. What more can you expect from a single day: dance workshops, latino dance competition (University of Nottingham- first prize, Univeristy of Warwick - prize for Choreography and Musicality, University of Birmingham - second prize), Black Tie Ball with Robin del Castillo concert, raffle tickets (with amazing surprises:P), Argentine Tango performance (with Loyd and Sandra Gallo Ciego), Dj Mauricio Reyez , dance, dance, a lot of movement of course:)

The beauty of the dance and the charity were mixed together at this great event, in the Santa Claus' month, now when we like to party and to share eachother presents. The moment chosen for this Ball was perfect and the time opportunity for the charity as well. Maybe for the next year the organizers would be able to contact some companies to sponsor the entire eve…


Since the end of the World War II, anti-Roma laws emerged in each country of Europe, apart from Spain, legal discrimination was developed. The vagueness of the term Roma is due to the lack of legal definition established in France as in the Union. Talking about legal racism with inequalities where Roma are the victims. The widespread stereotypes of attitude, for example 77% of respondents in the 27 of EU member countries consider that belonging to the Roma minority is a disadvantage in the society (poll made INSEE, September 2010), is not difficult to quickly drift to discrimination, including from State authorities. Even if they are present in many European countries, Roma have generally the nationality of a Member State (Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Slovak Republic…). This allows them access to citizenship since the Maastricht Treaty of 1992, and obviously the right to move and reside freely in every country of the EU; the right to have a job, to health, education, and eligibility.…

Salsa Ball, dance for charity at University of Birmingham

Tomorrow (4th of December) Birmingham opens it's doors to dancers from all over the country! Don't miss this fantastic opportunity. There's workshops for every level of dancer in so many styles:Salsa, Bachata, Rueda, Kizomba, Chacha, Reggaeton, Brazilian Samba, Rock n roll, Ballet, Hip-hop, Argentine Tango, Paso Doble, Street Dance, Cuban Rumba, Ladies Styling and Threesome Salsa!

Guest teachers are travelling from near and far to make this event special so make the most of it and join us for an action-packed and exciting day. There will be performances from a London Dance school and an Argentine Tango not to mention the universities battling it out to be crowned champions! You don't have to be an expert dancer, in fact you don't even have to have dancer ever before. The range of classes will cater for your needs, see schedule on website:

If you're a social dancer and fancy a go competing there will be open rounds in salsa, cha an…


I am wondering how come everything is happening or is not happening .... It's about fate or it's about our desire?
When I was going in Dublin for the first time, I was looking out of the window the entire jurney. For the first time maybe I was so careful with what I see from the plane. "But only clouds!!??!!" you would say. Yes, it's true. Clouds. Amazing clouds.
I first time compared them with the desert sand....then with the wool, a lot of white and grey wool, soft and fluffy:P
I was thinking how people feel when they falling down from the plaine. How feel when they know they have a parachute and falling down; how they feel when is no parachute and they will die. Can you touch the clouds? How many minutes can you realise you are falling down until you will have a heart attack? And I was thinking of death...
From Birmingham to Dublin....all the time looking out of the window...taking pictures....thinking... "- Are you for the first time by plaine, dont't …

Shakespeare town

When I was for the first time in Stratford Upon Avon, I had a strange feeling. First, I was expecting to see an impressive town, even small. Actually, Stratford Upon Avon it was a perfect place to begin a family bussiness. People used to sell there a lot of things, like cookies, alcoholic drinks, hand made cloths, furniture, spoons, forks and knifs ( first from wood and then from metal), etc. If you want to see more pictures from Stratford Upon Avon, please press here
Shakespeare family has a business too - they used to sell leather hand made gloves. In that perioud of time (the XVI century) to wear gloves it was a must have. So, the price increased more and more. Otherwise, the gloves making was a very harsh job and the child William tried to escape every time from this work.
The most amazing thing for me was the way they used to sleep there. To have a bed it was a real luxury. Only the mother and the father had the right to sleep in a bed . This was because it cost like a half price …


When I came for the first time in Dublin I realised something there will atract me to come again. The beauty and the sadness, both encouraged me to walk and see as much as I can.

This land is blessed. After the Great Hunger,after so many wars,even though a lot of them died or some of them have emigrated abroad (in Australia, SUA, etc.), Irland has been reborn like Pheonix bird. You can see this on the Irish people face, you can feel this in their soul, you can imagine this when they treat you so kind and polite. I love Irish people. They have an amazing heart, an impressive history, a divine power.More than this, everything they have there was their work. They never colonized someone, like English (for example). They never ask another countries to pay tribute for them, they never take money, food or another type of goods by force from another countries. All they have is their, with their work and their resources. I have met there an amazing singing band... good music, nice singers. You…

Sutton Park

Covering an area of 2,400 acres, is one of the largest park in West Midlands, United Kingdom. This amazing natural reservation can offer you two days of walking, seeing wild pony, cows, birds, pools, ancient trees, rabbits,squirrels. If you want to play golf you can find there one Golf Links and one Golf Course. Also, there is a Aircraft Flying Field and a good restaurant in the middle of the woodland! How can you find all of these? Simply enter on their web: Sutton Park, or go there and ask the information to the Visitor Centre.

A lot of people come here: students, parents with their children, walking men with their dogs,jogging vomen, lovers.

I heard in the forest a strange song...some people were doing chanting.

More pictures and information here