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Faith and flame/ Credinţă şi foc/ Pakiv thaj iag

Produced and directed by Victoria Baltag

Adrian Furtuna is a 25 year old Roma man who lives and works in Bucharest.
In the movie, Adrian tells the story of his life. In order to achieve what he has today, Adrian had to overcome many challenges. Like many Roma children, he was born in a poor family and did not have good perspectives for his life. However, he was fortunate that his mother was a wise and strong woman. She earned little money by selling canvas and clothes, but she had large ambitions for her son and was determined to help him. He attended the University of Iasi and became one of the best students in his class of Sociology.
Therefore, in a way , Adrian’s success is a fulfillment of his mother’s dream. This shows that even though the woman is neglected in the Roma family, she has great power. In this case, the great influence of this power allowed her son to succeed. Everything that Adrian did in his life was inspired by his mother. She had a tremendous amount of faith in h…

Small, hidden, beautiful and mistery

Trier, Esch and Reading

Today I will share with you my impression on three small towns from three countries: Trier from Germany, Ash from Luxembourg and Reading from United Kingdom. All of them are beautiful and full of history , which I like most.
Let’s begin with the oldest German town, Trier. Just eight euro returning ticket from Luxembourg.Here I saw amazing buildings like :The Porta Nigra or Black Gate,The House of the Three Magi,St. Gangolf,St. George's Fountain,The Trier Cathedral, etc.

Also, Trier is good for shopping. Very cheap products are in here. Nice cloths, good brands, big discounts for everything. It is nearly impossible to go in Trier and return with empty handsJ. But don’t take too much money with you because you will spend them all. Actually, for this reason, I didn’t take my wallet with me … and finally I borrowed money from my trainees colleagues. And I didn’t regret: the dresses I have bought were so wonderful!
In Trier many couples made a custom to come in her…

Life is a coincidence:)

The first Uruguay singer I have ever seen : Victoria Gomez Sole

The life is so amazing and inprevisible, isn’t it? I met Victoria for the first time at the “Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye Neumunster” in Luxembourg. I didn’t listen her songs because I came too late…Even though, I was interested in finding out who is this singer girl called Victoria.

We have the same name and I was wondering if it can be possible we to have more things in common. And here you are: I met a very sociable, smiling and happy girl, with a kind of sincere politeness for any people she was talking with. I need to say also that Victoria is enough tall and beautiful to attract people and be a famous singer in the nearest future. I love what she is doing (I mean singing and writing her own songs) and as far as I understood she likes what I am doing (let’s say having a media activity:P).

After this I was wondering how come her sister looks so different than her ….my sister is so different than me as well…..