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I feel the need to explain everything that happened with me due to the car accident. I really want this to be the last accident in my life. If someone out there wants me to die, I prefer to die now. Now when I am no one and I have done almost nothing on this Earth. Now when I have just dreams and I have no power to make them true. Now when I do not love....But please don't take me after I will realise all of these things. After I will do all the things I want, after I will have the power to HELP people in need. Don't take me when I will find the love...

As I said, I prefer to die now or to live forever!

I couldn't sleep all that night before the accident and I do not know why. I was thinking about my plans...about my production company, about my NGO...and my PhD of course. I was thinking how to manage to make meaningful projects with my NGO, great documentaries with my production company.....I was dreaming to teach at Uni as well. I was imagining my life betw…


Everyone told me I need to visit Metz - a small town in the North of France, close to Luxembourg. Here you are, finally I have arrived in this wonderful town. From the train station, the place didn't look so impressive, but as you go further in the centre of the town, you can see the whole beauty of the Saint Stephen Cathedral. The Cathedral is unique in the World as a union between two churches. But you can find many more informations about Metz if you press here . No need to put on my blog some informations that are already on internet, right? :P
Well, something you might not find on internet is : close to the Cathedral you can find some places with the best cakes you can ever eat!
Of course, people like there to go out for eating. At 7 o'clock in the evening, all restaurants and pizzerias were full. And the food is cheap (cheaper than Luxembourg - 7 euro a meal) and pretty good!
Another impressive thing I have found there is Metz loves arts. Everywhere you can see paintings…

For you

I can sent this to you in private, but NO. I have nothing to hide. I want everyone to know about my feelings, about the love I have for you.

I remember many times when you hold my hand for the first time..and I told you "this means nothing" I can understand how much means that gesture! And I miss that gesture a lot. And if I would accept that gesture in that moment, maybe we would have more time spent together as tween souls....And I regret I was not enough wise to accept your hold.

And we were friends, the best frends possible. We spent a lot of time together...talking, watching movies, dancing (you are the best salasa dancer:p), cooking and eating wonderful moments! Tell you wat: I was feeling so good with you everytime! I like your company, I like how you behave, I like your story, I like your life, I like your friends, I like, I like, I like!

I want to make a documentary about you.
And I miss you so much! I spent with you the best…


Actually, this place is a little villare (only wth 305 people) in Luxembourg, the second smallest village in the country.
So small, but so beautiful!

If you climb the ruins of the castle, you can see there an incredible view ! Forest, mountains, a very calm river (Sauer), peace and beauty! All of these things you can find them in Esch-sur-Sure.

When I first stepped in there, I had the impression I am into a nature paradise! This place is indeed made for painters, musicians or another type of artists! Here you can create. Here you can find your peace. Here you can make plans for the future. And I made plans for my future in there!

In the forest I have found some round yellow plums..very good to eat and I took a lot, hahhaah! I didn't eat for a long time forest fruits:)

Near to the castle ruins there is a good restaurant where you can eat traditional food and with only 12 euro you can have a very rich meal. From the hight of that restaurnat I saw the all willage surrounded by the Saue…




I was there for the second time in a train station in Brussels. It is s station like a huge shopping center - specifically international railway station. Outside it was raining and the cold wind entered in my bones already . I don't want to go out for the town tour with my trainees form Luxembourg. But when you're in a group, you need to respect the group's rules, isn't it? And it is still raining outside. And I did not have any umbrella. So I 'sheltered' next to someone with the umbrella.
The first feeling I had was the 'I would not want to live here, but I'd like to revisit it and go for shopping' - that because prices are much lower than in Luxembourg. And yes, I got my leather gloves - two pairs from the centre of the city. I didn't bought chocolate though.... So I told to myself: 'don't worry, you will buy next time" .... For me 27 euro for a chocolate box it was a little bit too expensive, hahhaaha! When I'll be rich I can …