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UEFA Europa League in Bucharest : Atletico de Madrid and Athtletic Club Bilbao

Well, for Romania it was a great honor to host the Final UEFA Europa League in 2012. For this event we rebuilt the National Stadium which is nowa four stars from five stars stadium in the World. A new, modern, spacious place for big and important events as the Europa League football competition is. Today, the Nationa Arena was completely full – 52 347 people were present at the football game. There were persons from around the World and mostly the Spanish supporters of Atletico de Madrid’s and Athletic Club Bilbao’s teams. Well, this supporters were incredible indeed! Romania didn’t ever seen this kind of showing up at a football game. In the tube and on the Bucharest’s streets, we all were taken so many pictures on Spanish new comers. They were so happy, singing, laughing, entertain us all. A lady in the tube declared about them: “ They have a real Latin blood! It’s so nice to see them enjoying in here - I have heard that the Spanish have the best supporters team in Europe and now …

The MARRIAGE in Saudi Arabia

Strange or not, the marriage in Saudi Arabia is a beautiful story. I know that “someone” in there regrets that it told me this, but now I know it and I will tell it to everyone, heheheheJ

Definitely, when it is about marriage, the men needs to decide he wants to marry. And from that time he starts to look forward to pick up a girl.
Well, most of the women in Saudi keep their face hidden from age of 12-14th ..and for the poor Saudi young men will be so difficult to choose someone. The easier way is to go for a girl from the family (a cousin for example). Yes, it is true, you can marry with your cousin!:)Eh, when you have decided that she is the one, you need to go and “negociate” with the girl’s family. And you need to pay at least 40 000 Riyals (this is the limit, but some people paid more than 100 000 Riyals) for the bride’s family. With this money, the family will take care of the wedding and other stuffs. After this, the future groom will offer to the future bride a necklace valu…