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CFR Cluj - DINAMO Bucuresti, The Romanian SUPER CUP

Dinamo Bucharest won yesterday the Romanian Super Cup, Saturday night (14.07.2012), after beating CFR Cluj with a score of 4-2 in penalty kicks, at the National Arena in the capital. Score was equal after 90 minutes, 1-1 and after overtime, 2-2.

Diogo Valente ('36) and Pantelis Kapetanos ('102) have scored for CFR Cluj, while George Ţucudean ('62, '101) scored for Dinamo, the Romanian’s Cup holders. At the shootout for Dinamo turned Alexe, Matthew, Grigore Munteanu, and for Cluj, Kapetanos and Sougou. Sougou, Hora and Ţucudean missed. The first opportunity of the match was signed by Gabriel Muresan ('2), but his shot went near to the gate. Dinamo pressed the accelerator and has created several good scoring situations, but failed to materialize. Alexe shot to the gate in minute 6, but retained by Savin , then were another unsuccessfully attempts ('8). Marius Niculae wasted a good chance to score, but failed to take the ball in position to complete it ('10). Di…

Bruxelles and Bruges, Belgium

It seems that the day is not enough long for me to do everything I want, I need, I desire. Well, today I woke in the middle of the night and start writing this. Because I proposed to myself to write about it for a long time and never do it! Now it’sthe time to tell you my memories about the trip in Belgium from this year.

Last time when I saw Brussels I put my impressions about the nicest pubs with live music and the thousands sentiments of beer. Today I will share with you the beauty of the “Grand- Place” , the nicest square in Europe – it is about theBruxelles market where you can see the all three architectonic styles: gothic , Baroque and Luis XIV. Well, this place is one of the Sites of World Heritage by UNESCO from 1998.

In the night, the place is impressive and it is so amazing to find in the same place three architectonic styles from three different centuries.

Bit if you want to come back in our time, you need to visit the Atomium!It is a very big atom where you can enter an…