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Celtenham Science Festival

When closing my eyes and thinking about the word ‘festival’, the first thing that appears in my mind is a film theatre. Yes, the first thing that appears in my mind is a film festival. In June (6th - 11th) I had the chance to attend a different event. It was for the first time in my life to go to a Science Festival.
As the experience was really astonishing, I have to thank Julia Wagner from my Department (CMII, UCL) for posting the news about the festival.  If she would not have sent the event via e-mail, I would have not probably found out about the festival at all. Big thank you, Julia!

Even though I am an artist, I was always passionate about science. Furthermore, between 20th - 21st  of  April 2018 will organise an international interdisciplinary conference along with a public engagement event on comparing and contrasting the use of the moving image as a scientific tool in technology versus its use as an entertainment tool in art.
I thought that my attendance at Cheltenham Scien…