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My film is coming to you

My film is coming! Finallyy!!!!

Your role here is so important to me! Do you want to be part of this amazing project?
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My film............

Is about
'One of the most terrible experiments in dehumanisation that our epoch has known' as François Furet agrees,
'the most terrible act of barbarism in the contemporary world' according to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (the writer who won the  Nobel Prize for literature in 1970).

The idea of producing and directing a feature film about communism in Romania came four years ago, when I visited, for the first time, the communist prisons were many students, intellectuals, politicians, women and aristocrats died tortured. This is a story that has to be told and people need to know what happened during that period. More information here  - hope you will not get too scarred :P The film is a docu drama; A feature movie focused on a real life story . Inspired by the life of the most infamous tormentor of the Communist Regime, “Herman” tel…

Memories : special moments in my life

There is a box full of memories. I keep it in my parent's house, somewhere hidden. When I come back home, I search in this box sometimes. Parts of my life are there. Beautiful memories.
...the box is full of letters: the first love message, the correspondence with Andra, Larisa, Andreea, Adriana; leaflets from my classmates, poems, feed back from different projects, 'secret' posts, small souvenirs. Reading some of my high school classmates' letters, got a bit surprised: they saw me becoming a lawyer or a  high class member in the Parliament; some others saw me as a journalist or a person involved in big social activities; somebody saw me President :) None assumed that I will involve in the academic life, cinematography and charity.
 Here I have my grade transcripts from primary school. The highest grade all over. And so I continued until college. Good start, I must recon. :)

Need to say that my primary school teacher was my mother and she was the most severe teacher …

A little town in Romania: Cisnadie

Cisnadie is a small town, 10 km from Sibiu, full of history, beauty, atrocities too.
 The first document mentioning this place was dated since 1204 under the name of  'Rivetel'. Then the area was occupied by Saxons who settled there and developed guilds of blacksmiths and wool weavers. The town was flourishing under the German settlement too. They named the place 'Heltau'.

I will not speak about the Mongol and Ottoman attacks,  nor  about the cruel  deportation of Germans in  Soviet Union during the World War II. These memories will be never forgotten.

Today I want to talk about people in Cisnadie. They live mostly in houses - as under the communist period were built only few flats for them to move in.
Their home is colourful, with  covered windows (some of them having flowers at the window) and  wooden, giant doors in front of their yards.

On Sunday morning, most of them go pray in their fortified basilica dated from XII century. The church is made only of stone and …

A perfect life

I just had a look on my previous posts and thought that everything was working fine in my life so far.
Indeed, if you read my stories, you think that I have a perfect life, don't u?

Well, to have a perfect life, I have to work and make it that way.

Sometimes it doesn't even depend on me.

There is  this inconvenience with British Council. Would you ever think that a such a large organization will act unserious? No, I would never think so.

Well, because of their grant delay, I almost left 40 people with no accommodation in London. And who cares? 

I care, I realize the gravity of this situation. I do.
I had only good intentions, but this time it didn't depend on me. Now I realized how important it is to keep calm and act right, no matter what. Now I understand what it means to have the responsibility of caring about others. Yes, I should of taken care of those people but I had both my hands tied up.
I called, I cried, I asked for an emergency help. Nothing happened.


Romania : Cisnadioara

Cisnadioara is a small village in Romania, situated near to Cisnadie city in the county of  Sibiu.

It's a very beautiful, natural area where I found peace and cosiness.

 There are sheep on the meadow and the shepherd is only 14 years old! He appeared to me a bit  shy and  self- contained.   However, his grand father  is very kind and sociable and allowed me to take some pictures around on his sheep.

In Cisnadioara there are many villas and pensions  where you can rest during holidays.  All around is full of hills and forests, very calm, healthy environment.  Each year, the village Hall  and other entities are  organizing cultural events (as painting and photography exhibitions, concerts, charity events, music competitions).

The village has the oldest pipe organ in Romania , dated from the beginning of the  XVII century. A roman basilica from XII century can be visited too. This little church, situated on a hill developed the small village afterwards.

In Cisnadioara I found a la…