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Christmas tree

Well, this Christmas knocks at the door. I want so much to have a Christmas tree in my home! A small one! I know a shop close to my house, there are many Christmas trees in there, I saw a lot last week. I dress up fast and walk there. But surprise! The shop is closed! Great! This is the way they want to make money, huh! I am sure they have one more in there for me. Let’s try another shop: nothing opened around. It’s 6 o’clock. Maybe Tesco? Still open, but the Christmas trees are sold out. Perfect!!! I go to speak with a person from customer service. -Please, is there any chance to find a tree, even broken in the store? Maybe a lost one…somewhere in the shop… So, they searched for me 20 minutes, but didn’t find anything. In the end, I took some Christmas tree branches from the flower store. On my way back I received a lot of text messages: Why didn’t u buy earlier the tree? How come that you still want a Christmas tree at this age – I thought you are a mature girl now! And so on. Onl…


I am happy. I take what life gives me and everything I take is so amazing. I will never say no and give a try for everything. Because there is only one conscious life I have. I do not know if there will be something after or if there was something before; so, I do everything I want in this life!  I have said that I have lost two important persons in my life. Now I need to thank them for this. Perhaps they were important for me, but I was not important enough for them and so, that’s why they choose to get rid of me. Fair enough. When there is no complete connection, no mutual need, no similar feelings – there is no need to waste the time of both parties indeed. So thank you!  Two other persons came into my life and I am so happy to meet them. Because if your soul is clean and your heart is sincere, at any time when you lose something, yur will receive twice in the future. This is always happening with me and I am so so happy for this. Sometimes I feel lucky. About these two persons I w…

Books and RATS!

One o’clock. I am walking home. Fast. Time after time, I move my books from one hand to another. They are heavy. I am thinking it’s one o’clock and I didn’t do much today. I have read only 80 pages, I am so ashamed!!!!  At Warren Station I want to cross on the other side of the street. There is a homeless who sleeps in a corner and I do not want to see him again today! I can’t help him and this breaks my heart each time when I pass by.  There are a lot of people around. Some drunk, some tipsy, some just happy. I suppose they come from a pub or party. But what party on Tuesday? Right, no party today….probably they come back from a pub, yes.  I walk fast. I think what my friend Kian told me about this area: he said that it is one of the worst areas in London, with a high theft rate. Is that true? Hmm…I become scared. But what can they take it from me? one of my 6 old anthropological books? Hmm….I imagine they can rape people. Yes, they can. I think that is one of the most awful things …

Moving on

Almost the end of the year.  I had a dream. I was watching the sea…or the ocean…don’t know exactly. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining, reflecting it’s rays into the blue-coloured water. There were coming some showy, nice, shiny ships and somehow I was waiting for them. Also, in the sea or whatever, I saw dolphins bathing and jumping in and out of the water. I woke up with a smile on my face – such a beautiful dream – remembering the time when I saw for the first time dolphins in real :)
 I end this year with minus two people in my life, people I considered being so close to my soul. People I considered that they will never go out of my life. People who use to say that they want to keep me close. People who told me that we have a special connection which will never end. But just people… And still: People I do care and this can’t change. Because I do not change. I will be forever the same Victoria. In any time you will find the same smile, the same shiny eyes and the sa…


Life is unpredictable. So unpredictable.
 Today I lost a friend. Forever.
 I have nothing to say but : Thank you for the all moments that we have spent together; there were the most beautiful moments in my life. I will never forget anything. You will be still the best salsa partner, my soul mate, my dearest friend.
 So, no documentary about you, huh? :P (joking :)

 It is your choice and I respect it….

But if you ever need me as a friend, you will know where to find me.
 Love to you

 P.S. Thank you so much for deleting me...I really appreciete it! Can't believe that now, after all happened, I am just nothing for you.