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I used to love to receive presents. I used to love to open beautiful boxes and see what is it inside.... But last year I didn't even dare to dream about it....who will give me a gift ....? A beautiful gift into a small and precious box? hm....I love the small beautifull boxes :) This because the small box is the best! hihihi

Lately I received many gift boxes...very nice packaged. It is unbelievable! And because for me it is incredibly and I didn't imagine this either in my dreams...I want to put here all the beautiful boxes (some offered, some received:P).
The most beautiful is that little bear. I love to kiss and hug him:) He is in a very safe place now, near to the person I love.
I am waiting for another favorite present who is comming from very far away into a smal box as well. I can't wait to receive it!
I am so so happy and I can't believe this is happening to me!
Thank you God!
And "thank you to you" :)
I wish I have a life full of wonderfull presents!
kiss and …