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Citizen Science

A new wave of improving science through citizens' contribution -  movement started as early as 1835 (or maybe even earlier)

1835, William Whewell conducted a research about ocean tides, for whom he won the Royal Medal  two years later (1837). Apparently, this was the first citizen science project, even though the term was not yet used. In June 1835, Whewell coordinated thousands of people at more than 650 tidal stations to measure tides at a specific time given,  in nine nations and colonies on both sides of the Atlantic. The local tide charts were prepared by people working in ports and used to keep their secrets about tides from generations to generations. Figuring out the complexity of the tides was essential for moving from harbour to harbour especially in Great Britain, an empire interested in dominating the ocean travel and the global trade.

                                           Caren Cooper's book about citizen science. The information about Whewell are from her boo…