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We did it!

179 scenes in 5 weeks! 300 people involved in this project! 44 filming set locations! 1902 costumes! 9008 props items! Thousands of unforgettable moments! This is what we did! 
Sounds like an army, but it was not. We were like a family and we all worked driven by the same goal: to finish the production of Herman-The Man Behind The Terror.

And so we did!

We have the whole footage now, we are ready for the post-production.

I am so proud of these wonderful people I had the chance and the honor to meet and work with.  Sometimes I feel so lucky - and this moment was a moment I felt lucky. During this film production I have met so many great people. People that will forever remain in my mind and my soul. REAL people. People who ACT more than they speak, people who work hard to get what they want from their life. HONEST, SIMPLE people. People who stood by me when I needed them. People who came in my life for the purpose of helping...They were there..coming from nowhere.  ...And this is the …