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For the special people I had the chance to meet this year

It is always about people. Life. Love. Success. Progress. Career. We can't do anything without people, can we? We are social beings, we are loving and caring beings. We can't be happy without people around us.

This year was amazing for me, especially because I have found wonderful people. My life turned out beautifully because of these great humans I had the chance to meet and keep in my life. All we do is with people's help. All I did was with your contribution.

Thank you for being with me!

This time last year, I was planning my film production. I dreamed with my eyes open. Today I am planing the distribution of that film. It is good to plan, it is even better to dream. I dream a lot. I plan a lot. I dare a lot.  Maybe Robin Sharma is right, it is all about focusing on the thing you really, really want:

Coming back to the people I have met this year: wonderful individuals! A big group of them involved in my feature film production - we shared the same idea, the same purpo…

'Herman -The Man Behind The Terror' POST-PRODUCTION

I don't know with what to start. Yes, we managed to finish the production...with a lot of debts but still, we did it! Actors were not paid, the film crew was not paid, some filming equipment needs to be paid (the lights and the electrical generator). There is a lot of pressure on me as a producer and director. Sometimes I just want to drop everything and run away.

But how can I? Too late now...too much done already...we only have the post-production left!

But man, this is a lot of work!!! Even after shooting, it still feels like you are in the middle of the project! The post-production, publicity and distribution is somehow more important than anything else! No one told me that producing a film is so hard. Although I will somehow manage to do this project with 25 000 euros, two millions euro still don't seem enough.

Sometimes I wonder....why all the people, producers, directors I talked with ...never told me about the real costs of a movie? WHY??????

The sound for a movie, in…