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I feel the need to explain everything that happened with me due to the car accident. I really want this to be the last accident in my life. If someone out there wants me to die, I prefer to die now. Now when I am no one and I have done almost nothing on this Earth. Now when I have just dreams and I have no power to make them true. Now when I do not love....But please don't take me after I will realise all of these things. After I will do all the things I want, after I will have the power to HELP people in need. Don't take me when I will find the love...

As I said, I prefer to die now or to live forever!

I couldn't sleep all that night before the accident and I do not know why. I was thinking about my plans...about my production company, about my NGO...and my PhD of course. I was thinking how to manage to make meaningful projects with my NGO, great documentaries with my production company.....I was dreaming to teach at Uni as well. I was imagining my life betw…