My lovely snowman!

I wished so much to built-up a big snowman this year! But never was snowing enogh! And I prayed: "God, please give to me some snow because I want so much to have a snowman this winter!"

After my prayer I waited. One day, two days, one week, one month!
Yesterday was snowing so beautiful!!!!!!!!!! And I could make a snowman! My wish become true! I was so happy! know...for making a snowman...the snow should be smooth and a little bit melty...when the snow is frozen, like today for example, it is imposible to built up a snowman or another snow sculpture:)

The secret is so easy to understand!

Well...I let you enjoy my snowman! In thise pictures are my housemates: Thao,Cristian and Muhammad and my neighbour Naomi:) (do you see Naomi, I mentioned you here, hihi)


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