When I came for the first time in Dublin I realised something there will atract me to come again. The beauty and the sadness, both encouraged me to walk and see as much as I can.

This land is blessed. After the Great Hunger,after so many wars,even though a lot of them died or some of them have emigrated abroad (in Australia, SUA, etc.), Irland has been reborn like Pheonix bird.
You can see this on the Irish people face, you can feel this in their soul, you can imagine this when they treat you so kind and polite.
I love Irish people. They have an amazing heart, an impressive history, a divine power.More than this, everything they have there was their work. They never colonized someone, like English (for example). They never ask another countries to pay tribute for them, they never take money, food or another type of goods by force from another countries. All they have is their, with their work and their resources.
I have met there an amazing singing band... good music, nice singers. You can find them on:
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