Actually, this place is a little villare (only wth 305 people) in Luxembourg, the second smallest village in the country.
So small, but so beautiful!

If you climb the ruins of the castle, you can see there an incredible view ! Forest, mountains, a very calm river (Sauer), peace and beauty! All of these things you can find them in Esch-sur-Sure.

When I first stepped in there, I had the impression I am into a nature paradise! This place is indeed made for painters, musicians or another type of artists! Here you can create. Here you can find your peace. Here you can make plans for the future. And I made plans for my future in there!

In the forest I have found some round yellow plums..very good to eat and I took a lot, hahhaah! I didn't eat for a long time forest fruits:)

Near to the castle ruins there is a good restaurant where you can eat traditional food and with only 12 euro you can have a very rich meal. From the hight of that restaurnat I saw the all willage surrounded by the Sauer river. So beautiful! I would be so happy to return in there someday....

More information about Esch-sur-Sure here

More pictures here


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