UEFA Europa League in Bucharest : Atletico de Madrid and Athtletic Club Bilbao

Well, for Romania it was a great honor to host the Final UEFA Europa League in 2012. For this event we rebuilt the National Stadium which is now  a four stars from five stars stadium in the World. A new, modern, spacious place for big and important events as the Europa League football competition is.
Today, the Nationa Arena was completely full – 52 347 people were present at the football game. There were persons from around the World and mostly the Spanish supporters of Atletico de Madrid’s  and Athletic Club Bilbao’s teams. Well, this supporters were incredible indeed! Romania didn’t ever seen this kind of showing up at a football game. In the tube and on the Bucharest’s streets, we all were taken so many pictures on Spanish new comers. They were so happy, singing, laughing, entertain us all. A lady in the tube declared about them: “ They have a real Latin blood! It’s so nice to see them enjoying in here -  I have heard that the Spanish have the best supporters team in Europe and now I can see that indeed. I was so tired after work, but in this moment, seeing them so colorful, all wearing their team’s t-shirts (white and red lines), being so close one to another -  now I am fresh again!” Well, the Romanians didn’t see this type of behavior!

At the Arena, all the supporters were singing and moving up and down their flags -  it was a nice spectacle to see them: they were flash, bones and soul in there! In the end, some were crying ….some were dancing and laughing! The same with the players: Atletico de Madrid players were dancing and laughing… and Bilbao players were crying. Anca Scemtovici, a journalist from Informa Press Agency agreed that “ The Bilbao’s players were fantastic, they played so good and they did a great spectacle, but they didn’t have the luck and the opportunity to win. I think that Atletico de Madrid’s players were more incisive.”

Apart of many journalists from around the World, at the game were present some VIP as well,  as: Victor Ponta (Prime Minister of Romania), Emil Boc (former Prime Minister), Sorin Oprescu (Mayor of Bucharest), Spain’s Crown Prince Felipe of Asturias, Ana Botella Serrano (Mayor of Madrid), Miguel Cardinal Carro (President of the National Sports Council), Vicente Del Bosque (Spanish national team coach), Angel Maria Villar (Spanish Footbal Federation President and former of Athletic Club midfielder), etc.


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