CFR Cluj - DINAMO Bucuresti, The Romanian SUPER CUP

Dinamo Bucharest won yesterday the  Romanian Super Cup, Saturday night (14.07.2012), after beating CFR Cluj with a score of 4-2 in penalty kicks, at  the National Arena in the capital. Score was equal after 90 minutes, 1-1 and  after overtime, 2-2.

Diogo Valente ('36) and Pantelis Kapetanos ('102) have scored for CFR Cluj, while George Ţucudean ('62, '101) scored for Dinamo, the Romanian’s  Cup holders. At the shootout for Dinamo turned Alexe, Matthew, Grigore Munteanu, and  for Cluj, Kapetanos and Sougou.  Sougou, Hora and Ţucudean missed.
The first opportunity of the match was signed by Gabriel Muresan ('2), but his shot went near to the gate. Dinamo pressed the accelerator and has created several good scoring situations, but failed to materialize. Alexe shot to the gate in minute 6, but retained by Savin , then were another  unsuccessfully attempts ('8). Marius Niculae wasted a good chance to score, but failed to take the ball in position to complete it ('10). Dinamo had another notable case, the min. 17, when  Rus well centered in the gate, but the referee dictated foul on  the duel between Issa Ba and Savin.
CFR had an opportunity at the min. 29, when Diogo Valente pulled over the gate, after which he spent most controversial phase of the match: Alexe centered, and the ball was stopped by Ivo Pinto by hand into the box but referee Hategan dictated only corner despite the Dinamo’s protests , who asked for a penalty. This changed immediately from 1-0 for Dinamo,  in  1-0 for the CFR, which opened the score by Diogo Valente, with a shot from outside the box, which  Bălgrădean plunged too late ('36). By the end of half , Dinamo has not managed anything notable, but  CFR Cluj had a chance through  Cadu, who resumed with the ball ('45 a), after a corner.
On resumption, Ronny was blocked in extremis by Gregory when the shot (50’), then Dinamo wasted the equating opportunity : Luchin resumed the crossbar in prime position ('55). Dinamo managed to restore equality at the minute 62, when Tuculean shot from the corner to the  Stancioiu's gate, coming after a long pass from Nica.
Soon, Cadu saw the second yellow card and was eliminated ('65). Dinamo had then chance to get an advantage, but Catalin Munteanu executed a free kick least  next  to the gate ('67). Ba was almost close to mark a goal  in minutes 73, when he resumed with head and the ball went to the crossed side, the focus of Alex. Dinamo had other scoring opportunities, but Pulhac’s  focus was deflected in bar  ('87), then  Muresan shot in  Alexe ('88), when the  goalkeeper Stancioiu was beaten. Curtean  missed as well from the small square (90), and the game went into overtime. Besides the final minutes, CFR Cluj has not felt the absence of any man, and in many instances they even controlled the game.
Sougou had a great chance to score in overtime, but he was stripped by Nica at the last minute (99). Dinamo took the lead in min. 101, where Ţucudean, suspected of an offside position, managed the double. A minute later, Kapetanos equalized with a head kick from the  small square ('102), 2-2. Gabriel Muresan was  so close to decide the fate of the game in the minutes 113, when he unhappy deflected a ball centered in the square, and the ball hit the bar of the Stancioiu’s gate. Hora was also in  the position of  completion in minutes 115, but eventually he was stripped, and the game reached kicks from 11 meters.
Dinamo was better and he won his second Supercup, after the 2005. CFR has lost his first Supercup.

It was the first  tine in my life when I saw a complete soccer game with extensions and in the end, shots from 11 meters. It was awesome indeed!


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