Political Communication Summer School

Sometimes it is good to do a little bit from something completely different than you used to do before. So, after my friend Emil gave me the idea, I have applied for the Political Communication Summer School organized in Brasov - a nice mountain town.

I was not so sure about my application (an essay like a newspaper article where I wrote about monarchy – you can read it in here - , and a CV with no link to politics). But they accepted me and offered a full scholarship.

The first day was amazing. As I go for more than 8 years to summer schools, I could say from the start that this one has the best accommodation I have ever seen for a student course.   The hotel  was amazing indeed and the room where I  lived with another participant, truly excellent. I slept like a baby every night in there.

The food was very good as well.

I can say only : well done dear organizers! When I will orrange a summer school, I will do the same!

The program was a bit too crowded.  One day we had classes until 9.30 PM. But anyway, I have learned  how to organize a political campaign, how to write and say a political speech, how politicians deal with the nonverbal communication and so on. Interesting things indeed. Imagine me, cutting in the speech of the lecturer and bringing new ideas or information, sometimes telling them that I do not agree with some concepts that they promote.  At one point a participant told me  he wants to listen the others as well, not every time me.  I replayed that everybody is free to talk if they have something to say. Despite of this verbal inconvenience, I have made many friends and I keep in touch with them through facebook (that’s why I reopened my account lately)  and yahoo.

My roommate was nice and sociable . She  studies  Political Science, so she explained me some things I didn’t understand. Each night her French boyfriend called her and they spent hours on the phone. I thought that is so nice from him to ask her about what she did

in that day, even he was interested what she ate and if she liked it, or if she feels tired. Nice conversation, but I have no one to tell all this things…

Well, I was thinking that they have a distance relation ship and the boyfriend it  is in France…. saying in my mind: “That’s why they talk so long..and so often”….and I asked her if it is difficult to have a distance relationship and for how long they face with this. “Actually he moved in Romania for me” she said.

 I was amazed. It is there someone who will do  this for me?...

And she continued: “Yes, he is working in IT and he searched a job in here to live together. His salary is not too much in Romania, you know…but pretty enough to handle our lives nicely. This year I will finish my Bachelor and I will take a year break before my master and move with him in another country..maybe France, maybe Switzerland.”

 I thought that they have a such a nice relationship and sometime I was smiling listening to their conversation.


  1. Hello Victoria

    I'm Ludovic, the frenchboyfriend of your roomate :)

    Thank you for your post, it's very nice and all your words make me realise that our story is indeed beautiful, and maybe one day it will happends to you

    Whatever, if you need advise or just question about the France if you want to go there, don't hesitate to ask me, maybe i can help you.


  2. Dear Ludovic,

    Many thanks for the post. Nice to know that you like what I have written:) Well, I have visited two towns in France (Paris and Metz) and I enjoyed so much! You have a very beautiful country indeed! When I will go again, I will ask you more:) Yes, you two have a beautiful love story, this si great and I am happy for you. I send a kiss to both!


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