Paying back with love

- Are you OK Victoria?

Yes, I am pretty much ok. Just I  am feeling now  so good being alone: me and myself :)
Today I will stay in. I just woke up with a big smile on my face. Outside it  is so sunny, warm and fresh. But I will stay in as I will take all the sun, warmth and freshness inside  of my soul!

I am so happy, calm and peaceful.

I ate a tasty cheese cake, miammyy :) After this I watched  the  'US and UK got talent' broadcast. These people are simply genius! How many unbelievable things can they do indeed! And how amazing can they sing, dance, entertain!!

- I want to be someone! a girl from the broadcast said.
'I want people to know and love me. I want to do something in this World!' (And in my silent mind I agreed: I want this too....).

Some people fight so much to achieve their goals! Some other  just let themselves driven by wind....Many of them succeed in their life, many fail as well....I do not believe in destiny;
                                                                                                            but people say I will be successful. Is it because of my destiny or because of my ambition? You tell me..

I am a human being and find myself so happy being a human being. I LOVE, I suffer, I succeed, I fail, I hope, I fight, I cherish, I work, I relax, I am sad, I am happy, I give, I receive, I offer, I accept, I refuse, I say YES, I say no, I LEARN, I agree, I disagree, I cry, I laugh, I CREATE,   I choose, I plan, I loose myself, I forget, I remember, I FEEL, I change, I panic, I adapt, I know what I want and  I am thankful for everything happening in my life...this is ME.

I believe in the nature's equilibrium. Good people receive good things, right?  And what goes around comes around! So true!! And you know what? When I do a good thing, I receive back 10 times more!! Unbelievable, but so real! And I am sure that this is not happening only to me.

And God! I am so grateful I have YOU in my life!

You, the best friend, you, my soul mate, you, my dearest sister, you, my wise parents, you, my all closest friends, people I used to know, people I kept  inside my mind, people I forgot, people I can't forget, people I have met one  time in my life and even though, I have learned so much from them, people I see occasionally, people I see frequently, teachers, tutors - you helped me a lot and I owe you so much indeed!

Thank you all  being near to my soul - friends, close friends, relatives, colleagues, lovers (!!!??? sic :P), 

people I've been honored to meet and being also very lucky to keep them in my life! All of you make 

MY WORLD - a beautiful, easy, happy one! 

Thank you all because you are close to my heart no matter how far I am; thank you for your sincere smile, for your honest hug , for the trustful advises and so appreciated suggestions, thank you for all your help and support  I have received from you when I needed. 

I AM what I AM because you all! I've learned so much from you and I still learn...each day, hour, minute, second... 

I love you all and hope to give back at least half of the energy and power you give me every day!

I am so lucky having you and with the confidence and strength I get, really, I can move even the mountains!!

And so, can I pay you back with LOVE? :P

 Cause I have so much love to give. I want to help you if you are in need. I want to protect you if I can do so. I want to give you as much as I can. I am happy when I see you happy. I am happy with you and because of you! 

LIVE and let live!

A sweet kiss and a strong hug!



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