Life and love

 Today I will write about life  J

Why don’t you want to keep it simple?
Missing someone? – CALL.
Want to meet up?  -  INVITE.
Want to be understood?  - EXPLAIN.
Have a question? – ASK.
Don’t like something?  - SAY  IT.
Like something? – STATE IT.
Want something?  - ASK FOR IT.
Love someone?  -  TELL THEM.

I just follow these simple rules , plus :
    ‘keep it calm and  always love’,
   ‘sharing is caring'
 ‘giving is the best communication’ ,
 'live and  let live'                        
   ‘smile and the world will be yours’,
  ‘ be free: do whatever you wanna do,
   as long as you avoid hurting people around you’.

Life is beautiful.
You can see this on my face when I am smiling. And I am smiling because I keep you close. I keep    people I like close to me, people who feel  the same as I feel.  It’s like a mutual attraction, hehehheJ

We always attract what we need:  a smart brain, a good friend, a sexy body, a funny person, a story teller, a calm personality, a strong character, a powerful presence, etc., etc., etc.

You are special.
But let me tell you something:

 I have a cardboard box full of letters, notes, messages  - stories from my life.  In it I keep all my memories: letters from my best friend from childhood, a written  declaration of love  from my first boyfriend, tickets with funny messages, etc., etc.  It was inside in this box that I also found  an essay  I wrote about love.
I wrote it  when I was in my second year of high school (16 years old). It was an essay for the  Olympiades 2002, Francophonie, Culture and Art Competition  - Amitie Partage, Paris , France. I won  third prize and a bronze medal.  

 Yet, still, after so many years (more than 10), I found the essay so honest, simple and beautiful….now I really want to share it with you.
It was written in Romanian, then in French, now I am translating it in English.

What is love?
Indefinable thought. The joy that  any teenager has  in their brain and in their heart. A strong  feeling between two married people.  A real bond between all members of  a family.

Love is happiness. It is the smile of a grey-headed person who remembers beautiful memories from his early life. Love is the most beautiful melody from  life’s musical score. Without it, you would be  an aphonous in the large choir of humanity (after  Roque Schneider ).
To love or to be loved doesn’t mean to have a place in somebody’s heart, but  rather it is to create therein a place where nobody else can live.

Besides, when you love, the day is more beautiful,life is more exciting (as you become curious to know better that person you like); When you love, time is more valuable, as the feelings you feel are unique and precious; you become more beautiful, smiling all the time, happier,  it is easier to do things faster and time goes by sooner.

You like its attitude, voice, personality and you want to spend more and more time with the person you feel something special. Well, you would never want to hurt the person you love, as this would mean to hurt yourself  -  and no one wants this. You  want only  to see your soul-mate happy ,because it is through happiness that yourself  become happy .
If I smile, you smile. If I laugh, you laugh. If I miss you, you miss me back. When I want to be hugged by your arms, you want to hug me back. This sounds  perfect, this is LOVE.

Eh.... but who doesn’t know that  word means? We all feel it  at least once in  our lives in one way or another.
Love is water. Inviting and dangerous, clear and cloudy, slow and fast, ephemeral….. Water-love is fleeting since usually water  evaporates very easy.  It freezes and melts. It transforms into snow and then…..again into rain drops. You can never be really sure that you  fell in love, since water is changeable.
This is the love that a honey-bee has for the flower that gives her the sweetest pollen: in spring this will be the acacia flower, in summer – the sunflower, in autumn chrysanthemums. In winter the bee doesn’t love anybody as all the flowers die and a with them, the sweet pollen disappears.
It’s the love of a baby-child who give you a hug only after you give him  candy or a toy as a present; the following day maybe he/she will not even remember you.

It’s the love of a young girl who is unsure of her feelings, who knows not whether she does or does not  love  you; the girl who may say today ‘I love you’ and tomorrow she may swap it with ‘I hate you’ , with the same ease. It’s the girl who loves as water.
But love is fire. Passion.  Desire. It’s the flame that burns for your soul mate without stopping. It’s an feeling full of adventures and unexpected. It’s that heat that when you hear your loved one's voice,penetrates your bones. You want to be its blood, to travel inside its veins, to be there, in its brain, heart and body all at  the  same time.

 But love-fire  is  the shortest love.  It is the giving everything with passion, with speed and desire, craving more and more of the person you love,  giving all  of your soul and all your heart.. but soon enough the box  of surprises will empty and you will see that there  is  nothing  else left  to give. The only thing that remains is  the  scorching  memory of the seething hot love you had. And you will never  forget it.
Love-fire usually leaves its visible imprints, scars  which may cure only on the surface. But what a wonderful life it is when love’s  flame burns non stop, when  it burns forever because our love is endless, when you love and you know you are loved.

Yet,  love is also soil. It is constancy, stability and security. It’s  something called determination, force, longevity, eternity, solidarity and  equilibrium.  This  is the most desirable love.

It is the closest to perfection .  It’s simply amazing to love as soil!

This is the love a mother has  for her unborn son, still in her protective womb.  Her love will remain unchanged forever, no matter what her kid’s pranks and mistakes. This is unconditional love. It is the constant feeling  that you can find in any normal family.  It is an emotion that  persists generation after generation. The love –soil, or  love-earth ,  is the love a grandparent has it for their nephews, the love an artist has it for their artwork, a gardener has it for his flowers, an architect for his buildings, and so on. This is a wonderful love which creates a state of bliss, a total happiness.

I know, love is in the air.  Yes.  Because , love is air too.  This is  love for  the unknown, occultism, the love for science, the excitement to know more and more, or to believe more and more; it’s the love a pupil can have for their teacher,  the love a faithful person  has it  for its God. It’s a severe, harsh, complicated love, even tough, sometimes  it is calm and peaceful.

And  it is here that  you know what a human being’s life is : love-water first, then love –fire, then love-earth and last but not least, love-air! Four important experiences which complete your human existence which it is in itself a precious, special, inexhaustible love.
                                                            Love you :)


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