Cannes Festival comes to Bucharest

Cannes Film Festival comes to Bucharest each year between 25-31 of October.
This year it's the fourth edition and the big challenge will be the presence of Abdellatif Kechiche with his 'Adele' -  movie that won Palme d'Or award  at Cannes Film Festival this year.
Abdellatif Kechiche, me and Cosmin, my friend
'Adele' tells the life story of a young woman who experience her path to maturity. In the film she  finds her inner self and tries to accept what's happening in her life : the  physical attraction that she feels for her high school classmate, the indifference that she feels for her boyfriend and the love she feels for another woman, a successful-to-be  painter.
 Abdellatif Kechiche puts an accent on the erotic part of Adele's life and on the psychological angle as well. At the Festival there have been presented the first two parts, but the director raised up a possibility of producing another two parts, continuing Adele's life.

In regards of the quality of the movie, the opinions were divided as follows:
- film critics in Romania think that the movie was  a great idea and a good story.
- bloggers (with no cinematographic culture, no education in the area of producing films, but just getting the opportunity to watch some movies during festivals and raising up opinions with no background) think that 'Adele' is a wrong choice for a festival. Of course, they say that they do not like the movie, but they do not explain why they do not like. And to be honest, who cares that somebody ( again: with no cinematographic culture or background) like or dislike something. Once upon a time, there were many stupid people with stupid opinions. They usually shared their stupidity inside their family or friends. Nowadays, they do that on their blog. Interesting, isn't it?
- journalists in Romania ( and I speak here about the real journalists) have no personal opinion and they only report the specialists' point of view.

 'La vie d'Adele' or 'Blue Is the Warmest Colour' , presents two women from two different
 social categories (Adele's parents are workers,  a middle class family and Emma's parents are intellectuals, artists, open-minded individuals) who seek the same thing at the end of the day: love.

 Another good movie is 'Closer to the moon' produced by Nae Caranfil (the left page picture).  Based on a true story, the film shows a moment from the Communist era when intellectuality, rich people and Jewish would be massacred in Romania. Knowing that they would anyway die, a group of friends - all of them Jewish - coming from the high class society at that time -  decide to  rob the National Bank of Romania - in a incredible way -  and get the death sentence.  The movie can be considered a black comedy  and even the story  is extremely sad, the  angle of the story can not be shown better than in the way that Nae Caranfil choose. Must be seen: video



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