Tetovo, Macedonia

I am in Macedonia for the first time, again through a Youth in Action programme. Thank you EU for giving me this amazing opportunity!


The project was held in Tetovo, a city situated at one hour away from Skopje. With the remains of the war between the Macedonians and Albanians (2001) still present, the city is currently experiencing big changes. Everywhere there are new buildings being built. Most of the buildings are in a brick  state (with no façade), which means that they are not yet finished, so the owner does not need to pay taxes.  Well, you can see many houses finished inside and not finished on the outside.

In Tetovo life is easy. Travelling by taxi anywhere in the town costs no more than 2 or 3 euros.  A meal out costs 5 euros, a Vodka drink 2 euros.  A hair dresser (including washing, cutting, and blow dry) costs 6 euros.  A normal salary is between 150 -200 euros. And this is sad. With this money, people can live from one day to another, but can never afford to buy a house, or to travel abroad.

In Tetovo, the taxi driver can have a lunch  break on the grass and play guitar and drink bear with you, hehe:)  I herd that this is normal in Balkans :)


Here exists the only LGBT Centre in Macedonia.  The organization is hiding, moving from one place to another, as sexual minorities in Macedonia are hated and frightened.  We took some pictures with the LGBT flag in the central square of Tetovo though J


LGBT or not, the population of Tetovo is formed of Macedonians and Albanians (the latter has an increased number day by day).  After the Battle of Tetovo in 2001, Albanians bought properties here and only live or visit during holidays.  On the other side, Macedonians have houses in Tetovo and in the mountains – keeping the latter as refuge in case of conflicts (some still have armaments), or as holiday homes.


In Tetovo everything is possible.  People can check everything, any time. The organizer of the Youth in Action project checked the day I would arrive in the country,
when this information should be private and available only for me and the Police authorities. Somebody from the Airport or the Police gave him this private information! How is this possible?

But if you come to Tetovo, checked or not, go and visit the mountains around and the villages. You will find beautiful places, honest people and nice life stories.



Kiss and hugs for you J




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