We did it!

179 scenes in 5 weeks! 300 people involved in this project! 44 filming set locations! 1902 costumes! 9008 props items! Thousands of unforgettable moments! This is what we did! 

Sounds like an army, but it was not. We were like a family and we all worked driven by the same goal: to finish the production of Herman-The Man Behind The Terror.

And so we did!

We have the whole footage now, we are ready for the post-production.

I am so proud of these wonderful people I had the chance and the honor to meet and work with. 
Sometimes I feel so lucky - and this moment was a moment I felt lucky. During this film production I have met so many great people. People that will forever remain in my mind and my soul. REAL people. People who ACT more than they speak, people who work hard to get what they want from their life. HONEST, SIMPLE people. People who stood by me when I needed them. People who came in my life for the purpose of helping...They were there..coming from nowhere.
 ...And this is the way this movie was produced! 

Sometimes I had difficult moments - didn't know from where to get funds for the costs of the next  day, sometimes I didn't know from where to get money to buy food, fuel or even how to cover the costs of the transportation...but always there was somebody, somehow.... who came to help. Is this luck? Yes, it is called luck in my opinion.

Now I remember only the good parts and even laugh when remembering that, during shooting, the electrical generator and some props got stolen from the filming set, that the main actor complained he doesn't have enough make up and made a scene, that I had an argument with my DOP and so on and so forth. All I know is that we all cared about this project and wanted to give the best we could to bring this movie to life; and we did it! 

Now the next step is coming - the post-production - a lot of work still, a lot of pain to raise funds, a lot of things that will happen. Good people will always do good things; I believe in my team, I believe in us and I am sure we will do it right. I do not dream big, I do not plan big, I just take things as they are, adapt myself to the present events and do the best with what I have. 
...thinking about school from time to time....missing academic life, my conferences, my uni..my colleagues. Want to finish this feature film right and then go back to my studies. Need to finish my PhD. 

I love my dedicated team, I love my talented actors, I want the best for them and hope that this project will open many doors in their careers. I hope for the best, but I never hope - I always do! So I really want them do have the same attitude - to take from life what they want, never wait for anything, just grab everything they are craving for; Cause if you really want something, and you work hard to get it - you will definitely have it. 'If still not, this means that something better will come for you soon' - an actor told me this during shooting. 
I really believe that. I believe in positive things that bring other positive things. I believe in good people, in good intentions, in good causes. 

Of course, there are negative happenings as well; maybe there are negative people as well - but these things happen only because the world needs to get to the point of an equilibrium: good-bad, yin-yang, positive-negative.  Besides, 'if all this world would be surrounded by good people only, we would get bored having no diversity or no reason to fight for' - somebody told me that some days ago.

Not too much to say now. Just a big THANK YOU to all who were with me. I want to say THANK YOU to you, the one who always encouraged and gave me strength to go further. You who were there texting me, emailing me, calling me, thinking of me and giving me so much power. With all this power I could go till the end. I am so grateful for having special people in my life. Maybe you won't believe, but some  of my actors were either my drama teachers from high school, mentors or people I knew for a long time. What can be more beautiful than learning from teachers who would later on be involved in your own film project and act for you!

During this production I felt I have friends. Real friends. People who were so far away, but so close to me; people who gave me a hand when I needed. I will never forget these people. 


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