I see beauty

I have a big soul full of happiness. I am keen to share it with you if you need a piece of my happiness. I am happy to give out of it as much as possible as  the more I give,  the more I have.   I believe in trust, pozitivity and good feelings.

I see beauty. Everywhere. Inside me and around the things I am surrounded by;  inside you and around the things you are surrounded by. Beauty is here, there, in every corner. You have to open your mind and see it.

Life is so simple and beautiful if you know what you want, am I right? Life is so amazing and unpredictable if you let it choose, instead of choosing yourself. Life is the best gift for us as human beings if we know to make it unforgettable. Life is a blessing. We have the most beautiful existence, here, in this world, in this specific moment. Live your life the best way you can, the easiest you can, the simplest you can. Then you have everything, as everything is possible in this world.  Even to have a surprise, this evening, out of nowhere, ha ha :)

Dream, think, put your thoughts on paper, then make them true. It is so easy. As long as you avoid hurting people and nature, as long as you keep positive and you are honest with yourself, everything you want in this life can be possible. Believe in yourself, share as much as you can and spread the beauty of your mind and soul around. If you are happy, another 10 people who care about you are happy too. Then those 10 people can make another 10 people happy as well and this goes on and on.
It is about good energy, peace and beauty.

When you are happy, you have the power to do everything. A happy mind has a happy body. Happiness will increase your mental and physical health and these two can go both ways. A healthy mind will stay in a healthy body. A happy mind would be a healthy mind. It is  so important to keep us healthy, happy, harmonic. This is beauty.

A beautiful soul would have a beautiful body. Stay beautiful, stay calm, stay determined.
Stay cool and be good, this is what I am doing too.

Will write more on this blog, will share my thoughts with you, about my happiness,  about my way.

I started to read novels. Nothing compares with reading books. Better than watching  movies. Maybe will come back on this topic in my future posts.

Hugs and care to you!



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