2016 review

                          Photo credit: Olivier Bac

Life is beautiful.
Life is beautiful when we make it beautiful. Beauty comes from inside to outside. A person with a beautiful soul will always have a beautiful body.
Eyes never lie. If you look into my eyes, you can read lots of things; you can see beauty, genuineness, honesty, sharpness, happiness, love. What you see it's so true - I give and receive lots of love every day. Sometimes it is so much that overwhelms me and not sure how to react. Actually, this is what happened this year - a year of hope, love, hate, softness and happiness: 2016 was far too difficult for me, can't wait to see this year as past.

1. My 1st feature film 
After the post-production I sent it to festivals craving for recognition; ended up with failure after failure. I must admit that in my life there were very few professional failures, and it was so difficult for me to take it this year. It was a hard work to admit it, to accept it, to analyze it and to fix it. A few minutes ago, I have received a Christmas e-mail from a big film producer. He gave me - as always -  good advice, wonderful thoughts and ended  up his message with a quote of Roger Ebert that tells everything about what I have to do further: It's not what a movie is about, it's how it is about it.   

                                 Photo credit: Olivier Bac

2. My academic life
This year I completely changed my Ph.D. study topic, from anthropology to film theory. I am studying The  European Avant-Garde Cinema in the Interwar Era: The Application of Film Theory to Practice. My research aims to examine how the avant-garde film theory shaped the experimental cinematic practices during the interwar era and contribute to the work that has been published on provocative cinema during the 1920s and the 1930s by examining the application of film theory to cinematic practices in Europe during the interbellum epoch. Thinking to come back to anthropology in few years, after finishing this research, but not sure now.

3.Too much love, too much pain
When the love is big, the pain is enormous too. What is better then, to love and risk the pain or to avoid love as much as possible? On the other hand, I am an artist, I work with and through love. I create because of love and my work is love in itself. Wouldn't be able to live without this amazing feeling, would I? I am ready to risk again, the pain will make my love increase to even more.

4. It's always about people
 I am what the people around me made me be. I am the creation of formal, non-formal and informal education - all of these  self-development stages  being realized with people, through people. This year I have met wounded souls, beautiful souls, charismatic souls, giving-love and receiving-love souls. Some will remain friends for life to me, some other will only be 'someones I used to know' - all of them influenced my choices, my deeds, my thoughts.

From my last Erasmus Plus project: love them, can't wait to meet up again, so beautiful people :)

5. Lessons
This year I have learned to accept myself. I have learned to forgive and forget. I have learned to give the 2nd chance. I have learned to love again. To be happy. To cry freely. To be as I am: genuine, honest, sharp, full of love and happiness. I have learned that in human interactions, people act as in a mirror: if I smile to you, you will smile back, right? If your soul is suffering, you will make my soul suffer too. A frustrated, insecure, weak person will always try to make you look the same. And what is interesting is the fact that the human brain is addicted to all type of feelings. If you give me happy feelings, I'll be dependent on them and request for more; if you give me pain, my brain will request for more. That's why sometimes we do not have the courage to end up a bad relationship: even we suffer, even it gives us pain, we still want to be there, in that relationship. Crazy, haha.

                             Photo credit: Olivier Bac

I have learned that good people attract good people. It is so easy to place yourself in the society just looking around your friends. You are as they are and opposite. You know that old saying:' if you're the smartest person in your group, then you need a new group'. So true. Your personally, mind and brain reflects your friends' personality, mind, and brain. That's why: stay with good people, choose the beautiful souls only, walk with giants, work hard, be efficient, keep positive and you will get all you want in this life.

It is known that I do not sleep during the night (crazy insomnia because of stress and too many thoughts perhaps). Friends and family know this, so they sometimes keep me company online. One of my friends sent me last night a link with The Diamond Cutter: The Buddha on Managing Your Business and Your Life. Then I got Michael Roach video about how to plant the seeds of success. Indeed, very interesting philosophy and true in a sense. We get all we want if we know how to ask for them.

Jairek Robbins talks about 'live life on your terms', be happy, appreciative of what you have and think about your perfect day (learn it), make it happen (live it), and give this inspiration to everyone else (give it).  Furthemore, Sam Berns has a wonderful video about how to live a happy life. Being brave is not supposed to be easy he said, and he is so brave, I think. Watch!
I have also watched Tonny Robins' videos about why we do what we do: the invisible force of the internal drive is the emotions, Tonny says. 'Emotions is the force of life' he thinks, and I must admit he is right. He has a very good talk - a powerful inspiration for 2017 I think, I just love it and identify with it so much as I believe the same.

This year was a year of experiences. I have experienced lots: failure, pain, love, exhaustion, happiness, struggle, patience, hope, poverty, hate, anger, care, forgiveness, beauty, and many other. I have even experienced new hair colors: purple, green, red, black, blonde, pink, brown, hehe.

                                        Red :P

                                           Green :P

                                           Purple :P

I wish you a wonderful end of 2016 and a fruitful 2017!
Would like to share the 'Spring Waltz' of Shopin - a special friend sent it to me these days to listen and as he said, I fell in love of it since:


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