My fist visit to Ankara

This is the smile when thinking about the memories happened two years ago, memories that  I want to put down on my blog

It is already known that Turkey is one of my favourite countries. I love Istanbul - each year I take some days off to go there and relax. Feel so free there each time when I go. Besides, I am craving after their food, I like  the people (so polite and hospitable), the shops, the hamam and many, many more.

I have received a heart during this project, yeyyy :)

In Turkey I have visited nice regions about which I have written on my blog already: Antalya, Van, Hakkari. Today will share with you my thoughts about Ankara, a city of growth. The opportunity came from Magna Carta organisation in Turkey, through their Erasmus Plus project in which I was a partner. In march 2015 I came with my Romanian crew to take part of the project during one week.

Erasmus Plus Presentation - In green is Laura, my dearest friend and one of the Romanian participants

     Erasmus Plus presentation -  at your left  is Daniel, my friend and one of my actors in Herman -The man Behind the Terror feature film

For me, these projects are amazing (if you did not yet participate to any, you should do so). Since high school, I go to these non-formal education activities which helped develop myself a lot.  I am what I am because of these projects too. That is why I decided to open an NGO in 2012 and organise these types of projects too, as I felt I have to give back this wonderful good I have received so many years and I still do receive it as I  do still implement such projects.

Erasmus Plus presentation

Ata and the participants'  mail box :)

Erasmus Plus Project - here we have my dearest Romanian friend and participant, Laura (in green)

Well, you have to know that I do learn something (usually I do learn many things) from each project. In this one, I have learned to walk with giants. I have met there people I will never forget, people that will remain friends for life to me. With one of them I developed a genuine friendship long time before the project, since the inception of the event. He is a strong character,  an intellectual, very sensitive, critical, powerful, dreaded sometimes, hahaha.  But I was never afraid of him - I even feel so comfortable, protected, appreciated and loved when I am around him. A very nice human being.

With Halil in Ankara

                                            With Halil in Paris

 The second person fascinated me for his public speaking abilities, traditionalism, ambition, humanity, respect, dual personality, kindness and spontaneity.

         Firat and I, eating traditional Turkish food

 The third one, well..the third one was my secret friend. You know, during these projects, you get a leaflet with another participant's name and you have to be his/her secret friend. This means to make this person happy through nice gestures, surprises, long talks, etc.  And this is how I have discovered my third friend for life: an intelligent, calm, positive human being. An aristocrat I would never find if this thing with the secret friend would not come up perhaps.  He has such a beautiful soul. He is so honest and dedicated for everything he does.
And imagine that he likes to eat sushi and we were in Turkey, the Kebab Kingdom: was a difficult task but did it successfully.  And what amazed me the most was his beautiful soul: when the sushi box came as a surprise, his choice was to share the food with all the participants. I was so impressed.

With Ata in Ankara

                                               With Ata in Paris

So yes, I have met friends for life. I watch them, I care about them,  I keep in touch with them; we meet time to time as I love them and I want the best for them.

In Ankara, I came with a cool Romanian team and these people are friends for life to me too. We are family now and I care so much about them as I care about my relatives.

                               My wonderful Romanian team

The rest of the things is history. I mean, Ankara is full of history, of course. This city was under Hattic civilisation (Bronze Age: 2000-1700 BC), then under Celtic civilisation ( around 278-24 BC), then under Roman Empire (25 BC - around 305 AC), Ottoman Empire and Turkish ownership. There are many important museums (around 50 in total) that you can visit and understand the city history. I saw two of them, Anıtkabir with the Ataturk Museum, and the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations.

In terms of food, I felt like in Heaven. Apart of the fact that I have eaten sashimi in the heart of Ankara, there are lots of amazing dishes:

Traditional Kurdish dish (a combination of pasta with spices and cream)

cağ Kebab - miammyyy :P

Turkish spices

Turkish desert

The traditional Turkish tea

                                               Turkish ice cream and Turkish tea

To be honest I miss Ankara and the wonderful people I met there. Have to come there again and YOU have to come as well! 

Kisses and hugs,

Eating sushi/sashimi in Ankara :P

                                        Me, Halil and Nesibe, just love them


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