Someone there loves me

... And I say this because I feel. I see how beautiful the sun today than yesterday. And I'm sure tomorrow will rise even more beautiful today. I trust me. I! As I see people smiling, their faces flushed look, I see warm eyes, nose smell the steps on the street ...

Can not And I can so rarely. Now you can. Rad. Conquer. Dream. Dream, then realize. I trust me.

Give so much kindness and get so much happiness! It's easy. Aste gives so easy! Eternity is kindness. Goodness is fullness. And fullness leads to fulfillment. I almost accomplished! In three years I will be fully accomplished. There are only three years.

Someone there loves me!

You are that someone! And thank you!

And here's someone who loves me. I am so lucky! Thank God, is someone who loves me and up there!


  1. good, I like these thinking things

  2. Benedicth: hey, thank you for reading me...
    do you have a blog? I can't read it....

  3. I just lost a considerable amount of brain cells.


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