Today is my name birthday!

(my gorgeous sister here)


All this day I was speaking Romanian language.....hmm, again! In this style I won't learn English anymore. But I was to New Street and I brought a very good grammar and spelling English book. Tomorrow I will begin to learn from it, I promisse:)

So....for next week I must to finish three essays: one about the Social Structure from Eastern Europe (this is for my Management and Marketing Master program), another about my TV Proposal (this is for my "Film, History and Television Master) and the last one is a project for a competition! Hm..I hope that I will finish them all on time!

Today I was talking with my sister...and I said her that I want to speak in English because I must improve my have spoken to her in English and she has spoken to me in Romanian language..hahhah, it was so funny!


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